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Best Quality Plywood For Home Interiors
admin on July 18, 2022

Why Plywood Is The Right Choice For Modern Homes Of 2022?

A home is an amalgamation of plush décor, stylish furniture, and great architecture. We’re not architects, but we can certainly explain plywood and why the best plywood for furniture is needed in modern homes as a plywood brand.

Best Quality Plywood For Home Interiors

In the past decade, the expenditure on furniture has grown immensely as a result of growth in purchasing power, urbanization, and investment in real estate. Be it decorating the living room with fall 2022 interior design trends, or taking inspiration from renowned designer Linda Haysett. Every homeowner wants to bring an essence of themselves to designs and it starts with picking the right material.

Plywood has emerged as popular raw material for furniture and has replaced wood to create modern and chic designs. The benefits that the designers and home architects bespoke are worth reasoning its popularity in modern homes.

If you are still skeptical about plywood, read along and be amazed at this contemporary raw material.


One of the many reasons that make plywood superior to its counterpart, solid wood is its strength. If you have any plywood furniture at home, you would likely attest to the fact. Having alternating pattern grains in the core makes plywood ideal for furniture. Furthermore, plywood is manufactured from hardwood and contains phenolic adhesive, which increases its strength.

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Aesthetic look

Plywood adds elegance to the home décor. Plywood is achieving a better rate in the market because of its elegant and attractive nature. The plywood does not contain any special texture, however, it enables the carpenter to be creative and add plush laminates and sunmica that play an important part in visual appeal.


No one wants to buy furniture which needs replacement after a couple of months or years. Plywood has evenly distributed grain and has properties such as crack-resistant, chip-resistant, waterproof, and fire retardant and also able to withstand any damage from heavy material. Best plywood for furniture saves both investments in time and money as it can endure for long life before it starts to worn out. This also makes it a popular choice among homeowners.

Availability in a variety of sizes

If you are shopping for 8x4m flat wood, you will hit a dead end. Solid woods are mostly available in small sizes, however, with plywood, you won’t have this limitation.

Plywood is available in a variety of sizes, you can ask for the size that fits your requirement. This makes it flexible to use in a variety of construction projects. Plywood is available in large sizes up to 18x12m.

Lighter than wood

Despite its high strength and large size, plywood is relatively lighter than wood. It makes the plywood easier to transport and fabricate furniture pieces such as kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and open hanging shelves.


Deforestation is in record-high numbers which are directly impacting the health of our environment. Every year millions of trees are shed down to be useful in the construction industry and fabricating furniture.

Plywood allows you to be eco-conscious and decrease deforestation. Austin Plywood is one of the pioneers in the plywood industry to procure woods from farmland instead of the forest, to decrease carbon footprint and decrease the cut down of old forest trees.



Plywood is indeed one of the most versatile and primary materials for the construction of walls, boats, floors, and furniture. With a reputation for providing the best plywood for furniture, Austin plywood is a leading plywood brand. You can check Austin Plywood’s products here, and for more information contact us at sales@austinplywood.com or call us at 098314 79000.

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