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Best plywood for furniture - Austin Plywood
admin on June 28, 2021

Identify The Best Plywood For Furniture Using These 4 Tips

When it comes to furniture like sofa, cupboard/wardrobe/closet, drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc., plywood is always the most preferred material.

However, there are a few critical points to keep in mind when choosing the best plywood for furniture.

So, this article mainly aims to explain the four most important factors to be taken into consideration when purchasing plywood for furniture. Let’s get started.

Best Plywood For Furniture - Austin Plywood

Pick a Reputable Company

The Indian plywood market is flooded with several plywood manufacturers. Many unscrupulous people are selling plywood that is of low quality at high prices under the name of well-known brands. Hence, do your research thoroughly and select a reputable wholesaler in India whose wooden products offer a high degree of durability and thickness. For your shortlisting process, you should select a plywood manufacturer certified by ISO 9001:200 and who utilizes innovative production techniques and testing methods.

A genuine ISI mark indicates that the manufacturer has obtained BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) accreditation and that the plywood meets quality standards. Owing to the price variations of plywood, you are better off buying from a wholesaler rather than a retailer. Ensure that you check the wholesaler’s reviews and verify them from a trusted source before making a purchase.


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Check the ISI Certification

The best plywood for furniture will always have an ISI mark on it. Plywood sheets of commercial MR (Moisture Resistant) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) grade should have the IS:303 mark, whereas plywood sheets of the Marine (waterproof) grade should have the IS:710. These are Indian guideline numbers, representing the quality of plywood after they have passed the quality control test. Above the ISI mark must be printed the IS specification number. In addition, you should look for the CML (a 7-digit unique license number) number beneath the ISI mark. CML numbers are an important feature that makes it easy to identify plywood suppliers.


Feel the Plywood’s Flatness

Slide your hand slowly over the plywood’s surface, looking for any undulations. Even though stumbling on a couple of plywood that is warped is not uncommon, try to steer clear of them as much as possible. The uneven surface can indicate faulty production techniques, reduced strength, and improper layering of the core layers. Regardless of whether you polish, laminate, or paint the product, the undulation will result in an ugly finish, making them unsuited for use on large areas like doors, floors, furniture, or roofs.


Select the Appropriate Grade

The grade of plywood you choose will depend on your area of application. You should always consider purchasing commercial MR grade plywood if you plan to use it in a dry area such as a bedroom, study, or living room. You can use MR (Moisture Resistant Ply) everywhere else in the interior of your house except for bathrooms and kitchens.


A combination of softwoods and hardwoods is used to make MR grade plywood. If you’re installing plywood in bathrooms and kitchens, you will need BWR plywood (Boiling Water Resistant Ply), which is also called Marine plywood. In general, hardwood plywood is graded from A to D, where A is the highest and D is the lowest. The higher the grade, the smoother and clearer the plywood will be.

Final Words

We hope that the information in this blog will enable you to identify the right plywood for furniture for your office or home. If you know of anybody who will benefit from reading these tips, feel free to share the content with them.

Austin Plywood takes pride in serving its customers with unprecedented quality plywood at affordable prices. We are the only Plywood Company in India that is BS 1088 Lloyds approved from London, UK.

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