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Best Plywood For Your Furniture - Austin Ply
admin on February 12, 2022

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Plywood For Your Furniture

Are you planning to renovate your home with opulent and plush furniture? Then, this is the right time to think about what kind of plywood you should pick. Buying the best plywood for your furniture is an arduous task starting from choosing the right quality to picking the right wood board for the furniture. But, we are here to help you with 5 tips for buying the best plywood for furniture that can make plywood shopping easier.

5 Tips For Buying The Best Plywood For Your Furniture

Opt For Branded Plywood

When it comes to choosing plywood or furniture, you can’t trust non-branded plywood. Nothing offers durability like genuine plywood, so always buy plywood from a reputed brand.

Most of the plywood local vendors have non-branded plywood which doesn’t have any certification and most importantly this plywood can be fake. So, we recommend you check ISO markings for buying branded plywood.

Inspect The Edges

Take a close look at your plywood to check the edges of the sheet. It should be uniform and straight. If you find the edges to be cross-sectional or overlapping then do not buy it. The overlapping veneers cause undulations and it leads to difficulty while sanding the plywood for giving a finished look to the furniture.

Identify the plywood as per the furniture

If you want durable and long-lasting plywood, then the first step is to select the right grade plywood. A lot of people are unaware that plywood comes in different grades and each serves different purposes.

The most common is MR Grade plywood/Commercial plywood. This is ideal for the dry climate and it performs well when there is no change in weather.

Boiling waterproof Grade plywood is manufactured with strong resin-like phenol formaldehyde that bonds the ply together. Austin plywood’s BWP plywood has higher strength and is immune to boiling water for up to 200hours. It works for high-moisture regions and is ideal for the fabrication of kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

High-Quality Wood

When selecting any plywood for the home you must check the timber as these add value to the plywood. At Austin, we fabricate the plywood from Gurjan timber, Meghalayan Pinewoods, Teak, Birchwood, and many more. It defines the strength and durability of the sheets.


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Buy From Authorized Dealer/distributor

While buying the best plywood for furniture you can’t just go to any local vendor and buy. You should look at authorized shops and vendors which have a good rating. Buying from an authorized shop will be you will always get the right price for plywood. Moreover, an authorized seller provides you genuine product with a warranty.


While selecting the best plywood for furniture don’t grab the first plywood a seller shows to you. Be picky and spend time with the pile of sheets. Look for plywood print that goes with the texture or tone of your home. When it comes to sofa, closet, cupboard plywood is always the first choice for everyone. Find the right flatness undamaged sheet which has an appealing grain pattern.

Remember while selecting plywood do not pick the bottom one as it has a higher probability of being broken due to forklift.

Plywood is the backbone of furniture. You must take time to research and learn about the factors that influence the fabrication of durable plywood. If you are a novice and have no prior knowledge of buying the best plywood for furniture then schedule a call with us, for ordering in bulk. Austin Make sure that their customers get what they looking for.

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