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Best Marine Plywood

Austin Gold plywood's are carefully treated and bonded with marine grade water proof resin. This plywood withstand continuous frequent shift of dry & wet conditions. Austin Gold is one of the premium plywood in India manufactured by Austin Plywood. These plywood's are treated for Borer & Termite proof.

Best Fire Proof Plywood

Austin Fire Retardant plywood's are treated with special fire retardant chemicals at the time of manufacturing, so that it becomes better at resisting fires. It is also known as FR grade plywood. Lesser tendency of spark and ignite. Slow burning, having a decreased tendency of the fire to spread over the surface of the plywood. Higher flame penetration time & low smoke generation. Austin Plywood is the best fire proof plywood in India.

Water Proof Plywood

Austin Flush Door's are made of seasoned plywood's which are water - borer - termite proof. They are an ideal choice for homes, offices and bedrooms. Special treatments are done for weather proofing, this will also help increasing the product durability. Austin Plywood is the best water proof plywood in India.

Best Film Faced Plywood

Austin Film Face plywood's are specially manufactured for concrete shuttering and frameworks. These are light weight, water and corrosion proof, easy to clean and cut and can be used in any weather conditions. It's durability and easy to handle surface made it most preferred film face plywood by the construction industry.

Best Flexible Plywood

Austin Flexi Ply is specially made to suit architectural design radius works. It is flexible and can be bent to any shape without breaking, chipping or any other carpentry work. It can be stained, painted, plastered or veneered. Austin Flexi Ply's are durable and preferred premium plywood in India.

Best Structural Plywood

Austin Club Plus+ plywood's are structural plywood's made as per IS:10701 standards. It is treated with best in class preservatives to ensure that it lasts its full service life. This is suitable for most building applications and comes in many sheet sizes, thicknesses and grades. Austin Club Plus+ is one of the most preferred structural plywood by the trusted builders across the country.



BS 1088 is the British Standard specification for marine plywood that applies to plywood produced with untreated tropical hardwood veneers that have a set level of resistance to fungal attack. These are the best in class durable plywood's available in the range.

Austin Platinum Plus plywood's are used in areas like traditional boat building to projects that require durable and high face grade panels.


AUSTIN PLYWOOD - Premium Plywood in India 

BS Progressive Pvt. Ltd, launched in 1988, has established itself as a market leader in India. They produce best quality veneers and has been serving customers with utmost sincerity and dedication. Austin Plywood is an undertaking of this renowned enterprise. They are manufacturers of premium plywood in India. They share the same quest for excellence in the field of plywood. Customer satisfaction has always been its primary goal.

AUSTIN PLYWOOD is listed among India's most trusted and respected plywood brands. Ever since our inception, we have been dedicated to serving our customers with the best quality and performance-oriented products. Austin Plywood is determined to live up to that promise of excellence.

We make sure that our customers are provided with a complete array of products and services under one roof. Austin Plywood's are used for critical industrial requirements including Marine, Fire Retardant & Structural requirements. We have products certified for British Standards 1088 by Lloyds (UK).

Our expertise lies not only in the age-old plywood concept but also in the much advanced and technology savvy products.

Austin Plywood provides utmost satisfaction through on-time delivery with the use of latest technology so that quality products can be produced and supplied at the lowest cost. It is at the forefront in implementing environmentally and socially considerate decisions for company and community and utilises the surpluses for the welfare of the employees and the society at large. Austin Plywood, the best in plywood industry in India, is aiming for further growth in allied areas, while giving utmost priority to a greener earth.


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