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A few words About us

Austin Plywood believes in curating a performance-oriented service experience to all customers. This core value has been the foundation of all our business operations and practices since the first day of its inception, in 2006. Situated primarily in two prominent national locations – corporate office in Kolkata & factory in Guwahati, Austin Plywood is on the verge of opening their new factory in Lucknow around March-April this year.

With such a world-class in-house manufacturing facility, no wonder why the company has become a renowned name in the international plywood industry and currently deals with more than 25 countries worldwide. The finest craftsmanship, latest designs and customer-oriented services are three USPs that have led Austin Plywood to become the only brand to be approved by BS 1088 Lloyds from London, UK.

Directors Desk

  • Sri Surendra Kumar Agarwal

    Managing Director

    Sri Surendra Kumar Agarwal with a Masters degree in Commerce, laid the cornerstone of this company. The brand itself reflects his ideology, hard work, passion, and amazing personality. His values and beliefs shape the foundation of Austin Plywood, now known as Asia’s most promising plywood brand.

  • Mr. Nishant Agarwal


    Mr. Nishant Agarwal, a Bachelor of business management, has been leading the teams to take the business forward with high energy, responsibility and passion. He plays a crucial roles in developing the brand image to establish a trust factor amongst it customers. His valued experience and expertise are what has made Austin Plywood widely acceptable in both the national and international plywood markets.

Quality & Excellence

On-time delivery

Empowered with automated technology, Austin Plywood ensures to manufacture 70% of the total production at an affordable pricing. This helps in providing on-time delivery with utmost customer satisfaction.


Every piece of Austin Plywood passes through a 6 stage process control system ensuring 100% quality.


Equipped with advanced technological assets, Austin Plywood ensures to deliver the best quality product at a transparent price range.
Best plywood brands in India | Austin Plywood


We believe in ethically sourced raw materials from substantial plantations. In this due course, no forest is cut to manufacture Austin Plywood, ensuring environmental sustainability.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to work towards brand growth & development matching with client expectations and to pursue excellence for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Increasing the investment in technology & resources, manufacturing innovative and quality products has always been our focus. With better consumer understanding, we aim to fulfil consumer needs with targeted products and services while combating challenges that comes in our way.


We aspire to be the global benchmark in the Plywood industry through customer-oriented, environment-friendly practices and continue to sustain the position that we hold today – One of the leading plywood brands in India. Austin Plywood aims to continue adding value in whatever they dobe it manufacturing plywood, product distribution, customized services, or home furnishing.