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Best quality Plywood for Furniture and Interior work - Austin Plywood
admin on July 15, 2022

Best Quality Plywoods For Furniture and Interior Work

Plywood is recently on the rage among designers and home builders due to its versatility in enhancing the decor of a space. From cabinets to the sofa, plywood has become an integral part of interiors.

To bring an essence of class and old charm with wooden furniture in the interior you must start with picking the best plywood for furniture.

Before plywood shopping, get a clear idea about the area of use and the overall budget you will set aside for plywood. Many types of plywood grades are suitable for interiors, such as Marine Plywood, BWP plywood, BWR plywood, flexible plywood, and fire retardant plywood.

Best Plywood for Furniture | Austin Plywood

However, choosing the best from the choices, is not easy, or is it? Read along to know.

Choosing Right Plywood Grade

According to the area of use, you can choose different types of plywood.

BWP plywood

BWP plywood, also known as Boiling Water Proof is appropriate for spaces with high moisture and water penetration. It is the best plywood for furniture like cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, Austin’s Club Plus+ 710 BWP plywood is appropriate.

BWR plywood

Are you on a tight budget for a house renovation, then don’t worry choose BWR plywood? BWR plywood is water-resistant and the perfect plywood for all your needs. It is perfect for living rooms and places with low moisture.

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Blockboard and Flexi-plywood

Blockboard might pique your interest if you are looking for moisture-resistant plywood with high core strength that can carry heavy loads. It helps to create a solid base for beds, cabinets, or tall bookcases.

While flexi-board gives flexibility to furniture and is useful in round tables, swinging chairs, and staircases fabrication.

Fire-Retardant Plywood

Austin Defender – Fire retardant plywood should be your choice if you are looking for plywood for a kitchen that resists ignition and fires. It comes with 9 layers of core veneer which are pressed together that enhance nail bearing capacity and screw holding capacity.

Uses Of Plywood For Interior Designing

Plywood can be used almost anywhere in any corner of the house and office. The uses of plywood range from façades in walls, and ceilings, to fabricating of furniture. As the plywood now possesses waterproof and fire-resistant qualities, this heavenly material now fits perfectly in toilets and gastronomical labs.

Plywood for ceiling and walls

Plywood is easy to craft in any shape and it comes in a variety of thicknesses. The grainy texture of plywood and rage of laminates which are easily attached to the plywood adds elegance to your home.

It can be added to the ceiling and on walls, which adds an intriguing look on a tight budget. It perfectly blends the décor of the home in an old classic way and is easy to put together.

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For Shelves and Cabinet

Shelves and cabinets are important for functional interior design. The shelves are cabinets are a customizable design that is easy to craft with plywood. The plywood shelves are long-lasting, easy to install on the wall, and able to carry heavy loads. Another benefit of using plywood for shelves and cabinets is its’ ability to resist moisture, which makes it perfect for the fabrication of kitchen and washroom cabinets.

Plywood for Furniture

Furniture has all 7 elements of interior design, such as focusing on texture, color, space, form, light, pattern, and lines. Plywood’s benefits are calibrated brilliantly for furniture fabrication.

The additional benefits of the best plywood for furniture are shock absorption, resistance to borer, and termite infestation making it the perfect material for the construction of sofas, beds, chairs, and tables.


Austin Plywood has a range of plywood grades which are the best plywood for furniture. To know more about the product range contact the toll-free number or mail at sales@austinply.com.

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