Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is an immensely popular fine-grained wood that is used for a wide number of woodworking projects. The perfect blend of affordability, looks, and strength all combine to give it the edge over other materials and makes it perfect for countless applications.

Birch plywood is made up of several sheets of birch veneer glued together with resin. Due to its cross-banded layers of veneer, it can better resist warping and bowing than other types of plywood, especially in thicker sheets.

At Austin, the raw material we use to manufacture Birch plywood comes from sustainable FSC certified forests located in Finland. The best quality Birch Plywood is only produced in Finland. Finland birch plywood is ideal for CNC ROUTING and multiple beautiful designs.

It is made of Cross Bonded 1.4mm thick birch veneers. It contains a single piece of veneer on its face without any knots or patched voids.

Technical Specification - Physical Property

State-of-the-art ideas for home and commercial purposes; engineered to deliver the perfect amalgamation of design, durability and performance

  • 750% Lifetime Warranty

  • Finland Birch is attractive enough to stand alone with light sanding, varnishing, or staining.

  • Birch plywood is ultimate in Plywood having excellent physical and mechanical properties. It can be laser cut and also CNC machined owing to its uniform construction

  • Austin Plywood Is the Only Company In India to sell Finland Birch Plywood


Austin Promise

Our Birch plywood is acclaimed for its durability and elegance. It can be easily shaped, sanded and finished, resulting not only in an attractive finish but also saving time and materials. It one of the most cost-effective woods out there on the market.

If you are looking for superior quality Birch plywood, then we have got you covered.