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14 Sep

Comparison Between BWR & BWP Plywood

It is needless to mention the fact that plywood is widely used all across the country for making furniture as it is a versatile material, economical, and does not warp or crack under changes in atmospheric moisture, thus making it a reliable material for a wide variety of applications.


BWP (Boiling Water Proof) and BWR (Boiling Water Resistance) plywood are two of the major marine-grade plywood that is widely used. Many people misunderstand these two kinds and so this blog is aimed towards comparing BWR plywood and BWP plywood.


Let’s get started

BWP or BWR grade plywood is used in places that are highly exposed to water. These marine-grade plywoods are obtained from gluing together the thin sheets of wooden veneers at extreme pressure and temperature with phenol-formaldehyde to form ply-board or plywood from layers.


BWP plywood

As the name suggests, BWP or Boiling Water Proof plywood is boiling proof and can also withstand a high moisture environment. It can withstand prolonged exposure to water or moisture when used in furniture or cabinets construction without any harm in its quality. BWP plywood is widely used in wardrobes, wall cabinets of modular kitchen, under-basin storage, lofts, etc.


BWP plywood is known for its durability as it is made of three or more veneers that are glued together. Each layer of wood is laid with the grain running at right angles to the next layer. Melamine glue and phenolic glue are usually used and it must also be noted that if the BWP plywood is made up of ordinary melamine glue, it can resist boiling water for straight 8 hours. However, if better quality melamine is used, the plywood can withstand boiling water for around twenty hours.


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Unique features –

=> It is made to withstand an extreme high-moisture environment.

=> It is treated with selected chemicals and preservatives to make it termite and pest proof

=>It is highly resistant to boiling water, rough weather, moisture and dry heat making it ideal for any weather or climatic conditions.



BWR Plywood

BWR or Boiling Water Resistant plywood, as the name suggests, is highly water-resistant plywood and it is widely used for making furniture in homes, offices and outdoors. The plywood is also warp-free and is known for its cohesive bonding as it is made from high-quality phenolic resins.


The surface core layer is treated with specific chemicals using advanced technology to make it a termite and pests-proof plywood with zero surface core gaps.

Unique features –

=> It can be used in humid weather conditions and is ideal for indoors, outdoors and semi-outdoors.

=> BWR plywood is warp-free and has super strong bonding and zero surface core gaps.

=> It can resist water better way better than moisture-resistant (MR grade) plywood. So, it is generally used for making that furniture in a home where the plywood may be exposed to water, such as kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture.

=> The core layer of BWR plywood is treated with various chemicals that make BWR termite-proof plywood.


Wrapping up

It has been observed that homeowners often get confused between BWP plywood and BWR plywood and fail to distinguish between the two types. We hope this article would be useful in that case.


If the board is marked as BWR, it means it is the waterproof exterior grade plywood and if it’s BWP grade, it is an exterior grade waterproof blockboard.