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BWP Plywood : All You Need To Know
admin on June 28, 2021

BWP Plywood: All You Need To Know

Why Use BWP Plywood for Interior Decoration?

Are you looking for reliable plywood to design your interiors? Have you heard of BWP Plywood? Well, modern times have acquainted us with several designs to upscale our aesthetics. But what most wooden furnishing lack right now is material quality.

If you plan to include wooden furnishing for your new home, BWP Plywood will be perfect for you. Unlike inferior materials that damage due to water or termite infestation, this material offers longevity and quality.

With technological advancements, plywood options have varying thicknesses, sizes, and grades. You need to identify the perfect one for you that lasts long. Here, we will help you understand what BWP Plywood is and why you should use it.

BWP Plywood: All You Need To Know

Why Choose BWP Plywood?

BWP stands for Boiling Water Proof, and the name suggests that the material is a superior grade product. When you purchase BWP Plywood, the genuine marine-grade ones will have the ISI specification number denoted as ISI:710 to confirm purity. The primary reason why consumers prefer buying this is that it can withstand harsh temperatures, including water and moisture.

BWP Plywood is made from tropical hardwood. Veneers are stacked one on top of another perpendicularly to create new layers every time. With the usage of boiling waterproof synthetic adhesive, the layers glue to one another. The material is undiluted and requires a certain pressure to ensure tightness.

BWP Plywood requires Melamine and Phenol-formaldehyde plastic resins. The phenolic glue is more potent than urea-formaldehyde used for other MR-grade wooden products.

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Moreover, every plywood brand goes through a thorough quality check to ensure there are no gaps in-between to confirm a solid core. Further, this ensures proper penetration of glue, making the boards thicker and essentially waterproof.

Where can you apply BWP Plywood?

Owing to its versatility and flexibility, one can use BWP Plywood for interior and exterior solutions. Moreover, since it adapts to all weather conditions, you can seamlessly put it to several uses.

Further, if you have to use wooden furnishing in a water-prone area, you can use this plywood. Here are some examples of how you can utilize this plywood:

  • To build wooden ships or boats exposed to the marine environment
  • Utility spaces in a kitchen, like cabinets for storage, while they are highly susceptibility to moisture from steam or water
  • Cabinets in the washroom
  • Storage units in terraces or balconies

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Benefits of BWP Plywood Application

Here are some characteristics of the plywood to help you understand why you should choose it for wooden furnishing:

  • You can boil this ply in a pressure cooker without expecting any damage before seven whistles
  • It offers durability and will take years to wear and tear
  • It has the highest quality in terms of Strength and Shape Retention (SSR), guaranteeing high load-bearing capacity
  • The plywood features anti-warp properties as it is passed through stress-relieving treatment, making it retain stability irrespective of the environmental conditions
  • The wood is easily mouldable due to its flexibility while not compromising on strength and properties
  • BWP plywood goes through chemical treatments to prevent fungus, termite, bacteria, viruses and make it borer-resistant
  • The thickness of such ply is uniform to ensure strength and longevity
  • It can retain the same strength if boiled for 72 hours straight without deteriorating

Final thoughts

How long you can make wooden furnishing last depends on the wood you choose. Since solid wood is slowly being replaced with plywood, ensuring that the quality remains at par is imperative. Knowing the features of the plywood you choose will help you make a piece of lasting furniture. Thus, rely on BWP Plywood to expect the finest quality for your home décor.

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