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What is BWP Plywood and How to Identify it?
admin on March 28, 2022

What Is BWP Plywood And How To Identify It?

Plywood is the primary material of choice for the fabrication of furniture in the home/office. It gives a polished look of wood and gives an aesthetic appearance to your furniture.

The common plywood grade which is extensively used in the fabrication of different structures is Marine grade (BWP and BWR plywood).

Wood is susceptible to damage from moisture and it is difficult to protect it from termite infestation. However, plywood as an alternative has provided some unique advantages that make the fact rigid, plywood is the front runner in the timber industry.

In the range of plywood grades available in the market, BWP is most preferred for fabrication of cabinets in kitchen or bathroom. If you have been considering buying BWP plywood, then read along to know how to identify it.


What Is BWP Plywood?

BWP plywood is the acronym for Boiling Water Proof plywood. It is a type of moisture-resistant plywood which can withstand the change in atmospheric conditions and is boil proof.

That said, BWP grade plywood can withstand exposure to water and moisture when used in furniture or cabinets without causing any harm to the quality. This is why it is widely used in kitchen or bathroom cabinets or used in under-sink cabinets and lofts which are in continuous exposure to water.


So, Why Should You Choose BWP Plywood?

Boiling Water Proof plywood is known for its robust features like durability and strong structural integrity that come from its manufacturing design.


Features Of BWP Plywood

  • BWP plywood does not deform in shape, or damage in humid weather conditions, this is why it is perfect for outdoors and semi-outdoors.
  • It has a strong bonding and does not warp.
  • It has way better moisture-resistant capability than moisture-resistant plywood grade.
  • The core layer is lamented with various chemicals to resist termite infestation.


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How To Identify BWP Plywood?

Market is overflowing with numerous grades of plywood from different plywood manufacturing companies. This makes it difficult to identify BWP plywood from the stock. You can ask the local vendor or supplier, however that is not the trustable way to identify, so here are a few factors that help differentiate BWP plywood from the rest of the plywood pile.


Check The Certification

BWP plywood falls under IS 710 under Indian Standards. It means the plywood can withstand 72 hours of boiling water. At Austin, we go above and beyond to provide quality to the consumer, our team ensures stringent testing and uses premium quality glue to ensure the BWP plywood can withstand 200 hours of boiling water.


Type Of Glue

To manufacture BWP plywood, phenol-formaldehyde glue is used. In this, the core layer is treated with specific chemicals using advanced technology to make sure there are zero gaps in the veneer to resist termite attack.


Uniform Thickness With No Gaps

If you check the side of the plywood, there is a uniform thickness in the plywood core for maximum strength. The plywood is warp-free has zero surface gaps.



Boiling Water Proof plywood is the perfect plywood material for the fabrication of furniture and cabinets. Austin plywood has superior quality BWP plywood, which withstands the change in weather, microbe or termite infestation and comes in various ranges of thickness. Contact local supplier or vendor to get Austin Plywood.