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Wooden Doors India | Popular Type of Wooden doors for home - Austin Plywood
admin on April 10, 2022

The Most Popular Types Of Wooden Doors In Modern Homes

Wooden doors are the swankiest piece of décor that cohesively binds the whole interior. From ancient architecture to modern homes, India has welcomed wooden doors for homes in every era.

Today, doors have become so much more than just a functional piece of home to restrict access to unauthorized spaces. The modern designs and different types of installation processes have made doors a decorative and functional part of the home.

If you are finding stylish and trendy designs for wooden doors in India, then here are some of the handpicked styles which are lens viewed by our designers, so you can stay calm and safe inside until some do a knock-knock!

Wooden Doors India | Popular types of Wooden Doors In Modern House - Austin Ply

Popular Types of Wooden Doors For Morden Home

If you are tired of the same repetitive cookie-cutter designs, then it’s time to add a little glamour and splash a lot of colour to the doors. So, sit comfortably on your couch as we give you a carousel view (not literally) of all the trendy doors of modern India.

Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are standard wooden doors, which are mostly visible in residential buildings. The design of the doors is either cut in square or rectangular format, which accentuates the curvature of the wooden frame.

These doors are popular for a very long time and this trend is going to stay even in 2022, because of its simplistic design frame. It is suitable for both interior and exterior of your home.

Flush Doors

Wooden Doors India | Austin Wooden Doors Have Fire-Resistant Features - Austin Ply
(Austin Defender – Fire Retardant Plywood)

Want to install wooden doors for your home but at an affordable cost? Then the flush door is the one you must consider. Flush doors are plywood doors that are factory engineered. Needless to say, these doors exude features of plywood, so flush doors are resistant to weather changes, easy to maintain, and do not have an exorbitant cost. Furthermore, Austin flush doors are immune to termites and have fire-resistant features.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are either entirely made of engineered plywood or have a wooden frame glass door. These doors are ornamented in hotel lobbies or at resorts they exhibit sheer elegance. This door opens two-fold and is perfect for backyard spaces or kitchen entrance. Glass bifold doors are popular as it does not restrict the outside view and allow natural light to enter the interiors without any hindrance.

Double Doors

Double doors add greater eloquence and make a grand statement for your home. Remember this type of door must be installed as an entrance door, and the total width of the door space should be 6 feet. Austin plywood’s block board or 6mm thickness plywood is used for crafting double doors.


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How To Pick Interior Wooden Doors for Home

The doors give you privacy and muffle sounds from the exterior. This should be aligned or synced with the existing design of your interiors. Wooden finishes have a classic and timeless appeal, yet you can be playful with colours, especially if you are electing flush doors.

  • Interior doors must be fabricated from interior grade wood, so for the bathroom or kitchen, the plywood must be of waterproof grade.
  • Interior doors should not have glass panels, until and unless it is opening to a larger area, like the kitchen or living room.
  • If you want to put a glass panel in the doors to enhance aesthetic beauty, then remember to use translucent or opaque glass.


Sleek and functional wooden doors for home brings grandeur to the foyer. Wooden doors bring modern contemporary touch and add elegance to any space. Austin plywood helps you design your dream abode starting from wooden doors in India to furniture. Liked our trendy wooden door ideas, then get in touch with our team of experts for buying plywood and wooden doors.


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