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Wooden Doors For Home
admin on July 25, 2022

Re-Work Your Décor With High-End, Custom-Made Wooden Doors For Home

To renovate the interior of your home, start with the entrance, i.e., choosing the right door. A wooden door can add much more value to a home than new wallpaper or changing the lights.

Wooden doors are classic, warm, and welcoming. If you are re-doing the interiors, it may require visioning of larger space that blends into smaller ones and a lot of art of science goes into it. While the task is arduous but the results are always spectacular. To bring value to the designs, here are a few tips you must watch out for while buying plywood for wooden doors, or buying readymade wooden doors in India.

Wooden Doors For Home

Pick the design

Before you reach a plywood shop to buy high-quality engineered wood from top plywood brands in India, it is better to pick a design with your designer or carpenter. The selection of design begins with the blueprint of the home. As a designer or homeowner, you must not forget the elements of interior design such as texture, line, pattern, color, space, light, and form. It allows the designer to express art and creative aesthetic through different paneling structures.


Depending on the space you are working with, you can choose a single or double door. The double doors are a great addition to the home. Double doors add elegance to your home and connect its interiors and exteriors.

Most people prefer double doors for their main entrances, such as their front door or backyard door, while single doors are sleek and better suited for their interiors.

In Single doors, if you choose the color of laminate that blends with the interior wall color then it becomes nearly invisible.

Pro Tip: If the home décor is in neutral colors, go for the readymade flush wooden door in India, and pick beige or off-white color laminate to add plush and calmness to the interiors.

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Plywood Grade

If you are picking plywood as the raw material for a wooden door, you must beware of the grade you are picking. Plywood comes in grades such as MR, Marine, Waterproof and Fire-Retardant.

Waterproof and fire-resistant material is preferable for interior spaces such as kitchens. While, for the bathroom or laundry room, you must prefer marine or waterproof plywood. Waterproof plywood such as BWR or BWP is completely resistant to water and does not succumb to damages due to water or high humidity exposure.

For rooms and panels or cupboard doors, you must pick MR-grade plywood. It protects the doors and panels from damage due to moisture inside the home.


A door needs to be sturdy that have high impact resistance, to keep you secure inside closed doors. For fabricating custom-made doors, one needs to be cautious while picking the thickness of the door.

For the interior, the doors must be sleek and lighter, while the main doors, should be heavy and thicker. As the requirement is different the thickness of plywood must be different.

We at Austin understand the difference in requirements and offer a range of plywood thicknesses for selection according to needs. Additionally, our flush door range and WPC doors are customizable, so you can behest the wishes that fits the requirement of wooden doors in India.

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Select fishing detail

Once you are satisfied with the design, size, and configuration of the plywood for fabricating wooden doors, you must choose the color palette and design of the door. You can pick any design trend from Scandinavian, open frame, paneled, wooden carving doors, to Japanese Shoji wooden doors for giving the finishing touch. The right laminate can elevate the design and texture of the doors.


To be creative, fashionable, and trendy you can pick high-quality raw materials from us. At Austin Plywood, we understand the value a door upholds, so ur high-end manufacturing unit help in delivering quality at an affordable cost.

If you are looking to fabricate designer wooden doors in India, or want to buy ready-made doors, then mail us at sales@austinplywood.com and bring a new trend to your homes.

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