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Top 10 Plywood Brands in India - Austin Plywood
admin on August 31, 2021

What Makes Austin One Of The Top 10 Plywood Brands In India?

The demand for superior quality plywood has grown to a huge level over the past few years. An extremely versatile product, plywood is widely used for a range of structural, interior, and exterior applications, starting from formwork to internal panelling. This blog elucidates the factors that make Austin plywood one of the top 10 plywood brands in India and one of the most preferred plywood among the customers.

India houses a plethora of plywood companies. In fact, the country has around 2800 operational wood panel processing factories practically that can be counted as plywood producing factories as well. In India, plywood is primarily used for the manufacturing of furniture, accounting for two-thirds of the wood consumption.

What Makes Austin One Of The Top 10 Plywood Brands In India

Austin Plywood had a humble beginning but today is one of the juggernauts of the plywood industry that caters to more than 25 countries all across the globe. It is sheer and constant hard work and sincere efforts over a prolonged period of time that has made Austin one of the masters in the business of Plywood manufacturing and marketing to become one of the best plywood brands in India.

Austin Plywood has the following divisions – Platinum Plus, Club Board, Gold, Birch, Teak, Flexi, Shuttering, and Fire Retardant Plywood. Each of these has its own qualities and is used in different applications. It also deals in Block boards, WPC boards, and Flush Doors.

Why is Austin One Of The Top 10 Plywood Brands In India?

It is the only plywood company on the top 10 plywood brands in India which is BS 1088 Lloyds approved from London, UK, and has the reputation of being the best choice for industrial requirements by architects for dream projects. Austin plywood has gained this reputation because of its world-class manufacturing facilities which include advanced technologies that have helped the company to achieve excellence in the plywood industry within a very short period of time since its inception.

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Since day one Austin’s main focus has been to manufacture and supply superior quality plywood all across the country and utmost customer satisfaction has always been its primary goal. The company has a mission of sustaining the position that it has today – one of the top 10 plywood brands in India by investing in State of the Art technology for superior products and working towards growth & development of the brand to accomplish the expectations of the customers who are spread all across the country.

Currently, Austin Plywood is a family of 2000 highly proficient workforce who collaborate with 1000 dedicated dealers to make Austin a global brand. With roots in almost every field of the building industry, Austin plywood heartily contributes to the economic development and welfare of the nation through its various charitable initiatives.

The Company generates over 800 crores of revenue each year and its constant passion for excellence has helped to gain prominence among the leading plywood vendors in the world and achieve the reputation of one of the top 10 plywood brands in India.

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