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Boiling Water Resistant Plywood | BWR plywood - Austin Ply
admin on June 21, 2021

Essential Guide To Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Plywood

Plywood is a flat sheet constructed using thin sheets of wood veneers bonded together. Even though you can customize a sheet of plywood to suit an extensive range of applications, the standard product is made up of at least three plies, with alternate plies running at right angles.

About 30% of the cost of an interior project is attributed to plywood. The quality of plywood accounts for 70% of your furniture’s life expectancy. If you are planning to invest anywhere between Rs. 3-10 lakhs on the woodwork in your flat, you may want to research the material first.

The modern world is full of different brands (national and local) and distinctive standards too. The standards specify the strength of the core material, adhesives used, moisture resistance, the termites-proof status, etc.

A lot of people have a muddy about the different grades of plywood. To ensure that you are not part of the group, we have discussed BWR plywood in great detail in this blog.

So let’s get straight to the point. 

What is BWR Plywood?

The acronym BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistant Plywood. It is waterproof exterior-grade plywood that is suitable for home furniture applications.

Boiling Water Resistant plywood can not only survive boiling water spills but are also weather-resistant.

The Indian standards specification for BWR plywood is detailed in document IS 303. The process quality should be in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).


What Makes BWR Plywood Water-Resistant?

The pinewood veneers/hardwood veneers / Gurjan veneers of BWR grade plywood are glued with fortified Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin as per the IS standards: 848:1974 under controlled temperature and pressure with requisite timing to obtain unmatched bonding.

This synthetic plastic adhesive is responsible for imparting water-resisting qualities in BWR-grade plywood.

During the manufacturing process of BWR plywood, the resin is diluted with extenders before using the same to glue the sheets together.

What are the Suggested Uses of BWR Plywood?

Most interior designers, decorators, and woodworkers prefer using BWR plywood in areas subjected to prolonged exposure to moisture or extreme weather conditions.

Let us look at some of the indoor, semi-outdoor, and outdoor applications of this Waterproof Plywood.

  • Kitchen cabinets and other kitchen furniture, especially near the sink, are prone to water spillages, high humidity, and moisture.

  • Bathroom storage areas, particularly those near the washbasin that is constantly exposed to water.

  • Outdoor furniture like lawn chairs, garden tables of restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

  • Furniture in areas such as the terrace and the balcony.

  • Wall cladding/panelling on the exteriors

Why Should you Use BWR Plywood?

It is beneficial to use Boiling Water Resistant plywood for more reasons than one. Let’s focus on each of them one by one.

  • Ecologically friendly – Some environmentalists claim that the Phenol-Formaldehyde used in BWR plywood is more eco-friendly than the Melamine Urea Formaldehyde used in the MR-grade plywood.

  • Cost-effective – If you are working within a tight budget when building a new home or office furniture, Boiling Water Resistant plywood makes more sense than Marine Grade plywood.

  • Enhances furniture’s longevity – Among all the plywood grades, BWR has the highest internal density. Hence, it is resistant to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting, and warping.

  • Possess zero core gaps – The veneers of BWR plywood are sealed so well that the end product features excellent resistant properties against the attack of borers and termites. Moreover, the use of BWR plywood prevents moisture from penetrating through your furniture, preventing it from rotting or warping.


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Final words

Most customers are often scammed by the unscrupulous acts of contractors and retailers who sell MR Plywood under the name of BWR plywood at a much higher price.

The brand of plywood you purchase from will be one of the most perplexing decisions you will need to make as you plan and create a budget for your apartment’s interiors.

Austin Plywood is the most sought-after brand for virtually any application that requires high-quality, dimensionally stable sheets of wood. Having carved out a reputable niche for ourselves in the plywood industry, we manufacture and supply a wide array of BWR Grade Plywood.

You can rest assured that timber from us stands to increase the value of the finished product, both in terms of durability and usability.


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