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Stay Worry-Free In Your Kitchen With Austin Fire Retardant Plywood | BWR Plywood
admin on December 17, 2022

Stay Worry-Free In Your Kitchen With Austin Fire Defender

Stay Worry-Free In Your Kitchen With Austin Fire Retardant Plywood | BWR Plywood

The area most prone to fire accidents in a house or apartment is Kitchen. Moreover, Indian kitchens have a range of electrical appliances and LPG gas connections, which make it a high risk of fire accidents. Defending fire is the only way to buy those extra minutes to escape and save your family, which is why fire retardant plywood is the need of the hour in the kitchen.

Fire doesn’t give warning before causing destruction, while we can’t have a life living with a vigilant persona, we can safeguard ourselves to prevent any of it from happening. And the first step is the inclusion of an Austin Fire Defender during the modification of the modular kitchen.

Today, in the blog, will discuss the benefits of fire-resistant plywood, and why it is becoming the need of the hour.

How Fire Retardant Plywood Is Made?

Plywood is not traditionally fire retardant, which is why impregnating the plywood with fire retardant chemicals during the veneering process makes it resistant to fire.

To make fire retardant the plywood conforms to IS 303, BWR plywood grade that resists impregnation, this limits the fire penetration and reduces heavy smoke production.

Why Austin Fire Defender Is the Right Choice?

Austin Defender – Fire Retardant Plywood | BWR Plywood

1.  Reduces the Risk of Catching Fire

Wood is primarily known to be a good conductor of fire, but that is not true with Fire retardant plywood, as it is chemically treated, which reduces the risk of catching fire. The fire-fighting plywood has low inflammability that advances the fire-catching time by up to 30 minutes and fire penetration by up to 50 minutes, making it the right choice for kitchen cabinets and stovetops.

2.  Improves Evacuation Process

One of the major challenges that firefighters face after a fire accident is to evacuate everyone safely. The slow penetration process is well enough to give them ample time to evacuate each and every life safely from the trapped area.

Austin Defender has vacuum-pressed technology, that pushes flame penetration time up to 50 minutes. These add minutes like a swift grid, especially when you are in dire need of time.

3.  Weatherproofing and Water resistant

Fire-retardant plywood is not only resistant to flame, but also water. It fits well in kitchen cabinets’ demand, as even being in close contact with water, this plywood remains resistant to water damage. It does not succumb to changes in weather. Needless to mention, this makes the plywood corrosion-resistant, termite-resistant, and microbe resistant.

4.  Minimal Smoke Production

Fire accident produces a heavy amount of dense smoke, which makes the evacuation much more difficult and leads to asphyxiation among trapped individuals. Austin Plywood understands the challenge of this, which is why with modern technology implementation, Austin Defer is manufactured that does not produce heavy smoke. It generates low smoke emission so that the toxic smoke produced during the burning of plywood can be cut down with plywood manifold.

5.  Structurally Strong

Fire-retardant plywood is structurally stronger than wood, and as it is manufactured from selected seasoned hardwood, under vacuum pressure, it can stay durable for a longer period of time. The plywood is not susceptible to heat, which in turn extends its life span for a longer period of time.

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The benefits mentioned in the fire retardant plywood make it appropriate for Fire Retardant wall paneling and is a great way of blanketing the walls and protecting them from the risk of fire. Kitchen cabinets, countertops, dining tables, and chairs can be designed with fire-retardant plywood.




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