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admin on December 29, 2021

The Reasons For Fire Retardant Plywood Being More Popular

Let’s face it! Fire accidents are not in your hands – they can happen anywhere. The least you can do is to have proactive measures, so you can have enough time till firefighters come and control the blazing house.
Fire retardancy in the building has become a topic of concern in most houses, as people are more aware of flame spreading, toxic gas emissions, and fire penetration in plywood. Due to this, fire retardant plywood has become a popular choice for architects. Fire retardant is used in architectural projects, to promote safety in fire accidents.

The Reasons Why Fire Retardant Plywood is more Popular than other Ply are:

Reduces the Chance of Fire

Wood has the nature of catching fire, but fire retardant plywood lowers the chances of ignition or spark. Fire retardant plywood resists fire as it is treated with chemicals and compounds during the manufacturing process, which allows it to be resistant to flames. The nano-engineered particle in the plywood decreases the inflammability chances, which makes it one of the top choices for architects and designers. It reduces the chances of unfortunate fire accidents in the office or home.

Provides Enough Time To Escape During Fire Breakouts

In case of fire breakouts, the wooden furniture acts as fuel to the fire. But fire retardant helps in slowing down the spark or ignition. The fire retardant material delays the fire-catching time to 35 minutes. This provides enough time for escape. In the extra time, you can save yourself and your loved ones.

Reduces Toxic Gas Emission and Smoke

During fire breakouts, smoke emissions and gas can lead to extreme suffocation; moreover, it makes it difficult to see anything which hinders evacuation. The fire-resistant materials which are layered on the plywood help in reducing the emission of toxic gases such as Carbon Dioxide from the wood. It makes it easier for firefighters to rescue in a dire situation.

Sharp And Fine Cuts

Fire retardant plywood is popular due to its fine cuts. It has a cross-layered structure that makes it easier to cut in comparison to solid wood. This opens the gateway to creativity for constructing and framing masterpiece designs. It is easy to carve and cut anywhere, anytime.

Termite Proof

Termites and borers can turn your valuable furniture into a heap of sand. Imagine you have plywood that can fight termites and borers. Sounds interesting right? That’s what makes fire retardants popular, it not only saves the plywood during the fire but also prevent the growth of termite in the core of the plywood.

Enhanced Life Span

The fire retardant material does not get spoiled too soon. It has water-proof and weather-resistant material. This means weather changes do not impact the material of the plywood. The specific way of manufacturing by a team of experts and professionals makes it weather resistant. It can withstand any temperature change, making it more long-lasting than any solid wood.

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India’s quality for fire retardant plywood has been approved at IS:5509. A spark can bring your dream house to ashes, the fire retardant makes sure even if you are at receiving end of a fire, it won’t end in a blazing disaster.




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