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Plywood vs Blockboard Which One Is Better - Best Plywood in India
admin on September 26, 2022

Plywood Vs Blockboard : Which One Is Better

What’s a home without furniture? It’s just dead walls and blank floors. Furniture makes a building into a home. Starting from fancy cabinets, modular kitchen, and dining tables, to a well-crafted couch, it allows to build a space for living. In this, two materials are of the most use, one is plywood and another is Block Board. If you are in a plywood store in Kolkata, you must know the difference between a blockboard and plywood before purchasing the best plywood in Kolkata.

Difference in Material

First, let’s understand how it differs from each other in the material. As a plywood and blockboard manufacturing company we at Austin source different wood for both of these materials and the manufacturing process is also different.

Plywood is a thin sheet that consists of piles of wood, at Austin we prefer Gurjan or Meghalayan pine wood, which are glued together with help of adhesive and synthetic resin. Based on the wood the plywood has different cores such as softwood core, hardwood core, poplar wood, and alternate core.

Blockboard consists of a core made of a thick or thin wooden block along with thin wooden strips placed edge to edge. It is glued together under high pressure. Most of these block boards are made from softwood to increase flexibility.

Plywood vs Blockboard

Difference in Application

If you compare Blockboard vs Plywood, the difference comes in the application too. Commercial ply, which is also known as MR grade ply is useful for manufacturing cabinets, wardrobes, sofas, and chairs. While BWP and BWR plywood is useful in manufacturing furniture for spaces that are in close contact with water. The reason behind the use of waterproof plywood is to resist heavy moisture and water damage to the plies.

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The application of Blockboards is preferred where the cabinets are lengthy. The blockboards have a solid wooden block in their core which makes them suitable for long shelves, benches, and tables. This lightweight board is useful in both exterior and interior applications.

Difference in Properties

Which has better water-resistant or which has better weatherproofing? Want to know, then you need to understand the difference in properties in both of these materials.

Plywood is resistant to water, and not susceptible to damage that leads to cracking. The wood is uniform throughout the length and breadth. It is painted, lacquered, and laminated to enhance its properties and make it last longer.

Blockboard, on the other hand, is known for being susceptible to water damage, and it is less flexible than plywood. Blackboards are stable and rigid, so they can withstand cracking and breaking. Blockboards can also be painted, lacquered, and laminated to protect from rusting, termite infestation, and water damage.

The Difference In Size And Cost

The commercial ply is available in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 19mm, and 25mm. The cost of the plywood depends on the thickness, plywood grade, and wooden core. If you buy premium quality plywood the cost will differ from commercial plywood.

While Blockboard in Austin is available in 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm thicknesses. These have a special kind of structuring that can hold the screw and comes in a smooth warp-free surface. The cost of a Blockboard depends on the type of wooden core and the thickness of the board.

Plywood or Blockboard?

Plywood and Blockboards are both crucial for designing the décor of the home. It helps in building sturdy and damage-resistant furniture. In the above-mentioned section, it is evident that the application and properties are distinctive in each of the materials which cannot be interchanged.

This is why it is important to choose the material that suits your need. To buy the best plywood in India, visit the licensed plywood store of Austin Plywood in Kolkata.

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