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Plywood Or Solid Wood : Which One is Best For Home Furniture
admin on April 21, 2022

Plywood Or Solid Wood : Which One is Best For Home Furniture

It is quite common among people to mix the benefit of plywood with solid wood, as they believe both are eventually wood, but it’s simply not true. When choosing furniture for the home, the material is crucial, as it can make a significant difference in how it looks. Especially when money is involved, you can’t take chances with the wrong material.

We at Austin plywood understand how much work one puts into redecorating an interior with plush furniture and doors. In fact, wooden furniture reflects our style, which is why choosing the right raw material is so important.

While wooden material does not have too many choices, the two competing material that confuses every homeowner is plywood and solid wood. The key is to pick the “best” not any “good enough” raw material. This is why we have analyzed both the materials so you make an informed decision.

What is Plywood?

Plywood is a mixture of wood and glue, in which thin wooden chips are glued together to create a layer, hence forming plywood. In manufacturing plywood, the plies are oriented in such a way that each layer is rotated 900 relative to adjacent plies.

What Is Solid Wood?

Solid wood, is wooden logs that are milled directly from trees. The wooden log from trees is directly taken to sawmills, where these are kiln dried to eradicate the moisture content. It is then sawn into planks to make it suitable for furniture crafting.

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Which One Is Stronger?

If you go by appearance, solid wood may appear to be stronger than plywood, however, plywood is stronger than solid wood.

This is because of the processing and methodology for manufacturing plywood. As we are already aware, plywood is made by gluing piles of wooden chips one over another at 90-degree alteration. So, if due to stress or overload one layer breaks, there will be always another layer to resist damage.

While, in solid wood, all the grains are running in the same direction, so during overload the block of wood breaks off, making it comparatively weaker.

The thickness of plywood defines its overall strength, it ranges from 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, to 18mm. The thickness defines its ability to withstand impact and stress.

Plywood is the material of choice for crafting cabinets, bookshelves, tables, sofas, storage spaces, and beds. Plywood application is more often than not, because of its features like not being prone to chipping, warping, and shrinking.

Solid wood has been in use for centuries to construct different furniture. However, it is prone to damage from termite infestation and warping. Mostly plywood is added to solid wood to enhance its durability and strength.


To sum it up, we believe plywood is better than solid wood, considering the features and cost. It gives you an edge while choosing materials for the interior. Plywood is durable, lighter in weight, and fits in the budget of every home owner. So, to browse different plywood grade click here: https://www.austinplywood.com/

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