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Local Plywood Vs Branded Plywood for your Wood Interior
admin on July 11, 2022

Local Plywood Vs Branded Plywood for Your Wood Interior

While designing new furniture or using it for scaffolding, it is essential to pick quality plywood. Don’t we often hear brand is the proof of quality but is it true…? Maybe Yes!

Let’s figure out how local plywood is different from branded plywood and why it is better to shop from reputed plywood brands?

Local Vs Branded Plywood

The difference between branded and local plywood is a brand has a team of experts who have worked in the market adhering to the quality standards and earned the batch and reputation as a brand.

Plywood brands conveys a quality so they can show to customers the values a company upholds and are confident enough to advertise that in the market holding themselves accountable.

The local plywoods are generally not treated with chemicals and stay vulnerable to insect infestation. This plywood also lacks satisfactory quality standards. That’s why most homeowners prefer it for temporary uses.

Why is Branded Plywood Better?

If you are refurbishing the home with wooden interiors, then the choice of raw material plays a crucial role. However, if you are unaware of how to identify quality, selecting a brand is a better choice. Here are several recommended reasons:

Brand holds accountability

Established brands are better than local plywood brands, as they hold accountability. They are accountable for quality which is why, it reduces the chances of fake, cheap, or counterfeit products.

If the architects and businesses are trusting the brand, you can also trust them. Those who are skeptical about making life-long product investments, such as plywood must consider Austin plywood, as we have built the trust through years of customer satisfaction.

Branded Plywood often comes with after-sale service

Plywood brands care for their customer and offer a hassle-free after-sales service. This ensures you won’t feel cheated if any issue arises after some time. They provide a customer support system where you can inform the issue and ask for assistance.

In case of queries or need of any assistance, you can connect with us via call, email, or social media platforms.

Branded Plywood Comes with Warranties

Best plywood brands offer a wide variety of warranties depending on the plywood grade. We at Austin offer a warranty of 15-20 in plywood, blockboard, and flush doors. The supplier gets your trust, and you can always claim against them for any issue or damage.

Branded Plywood Is Termite-Resistant

Plywood is vulnerable to termite attack. This happens mostly when the wood is not seasoned well, or there is no termite-resistant adhesive added during plywood manufacturing.

Termites can bring millions of dollars in wooden furniture into a pile of dust. With the Austin plywood brand, you get assurance that the product is capable to resist termite attacks.

It is economical in the long run

Local plywood has a higher chance to warp or chip off during use. Moreover, local plywood is not waterproof and causes damage to the furniture.

While branded plywood is costly initially, it is economical in long run. It does need any maintenance and has lasting benefits which are mentioned above in the article.


The points mentioned above surely define why branded is better than local, but that does not mean all plywood brands are the same. You must do research, for instance, how many years has the company the brand been operational in the industry? What are the plywood manufacturing standards they maintain and are they affiliated with the reputed organization for maintaining industry standards?

To avoid all the hassle, you can buy high-quality plywood from us. In addition to BS 1088 Llyods certification, we offer a 20-year warranty on plywood. To know more about our product range visit our product page.

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