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Interior Design for Studio Apartment with Austin Plywood - the best plywood for furniture, BWP plywood
admin on November 16, 2022

Interior Design for Studio Apartment with Austin Plywood

Designing a studio apartment is still new to many, as most people prefer long plain halls and minimalist décor. But you can go beyond the stereotypical thought behind that and make your studio look eclectic with dynamic décor. Instead of experimenting only with paints, you can transform the space with modern aesthetics and functional furniture. With the best plywood for furniture, you can take the décor to a level up with ease.

Interior design with plywood requires the selection of the right plywood grade. Termites, rusting, and splintering are some of the problems that arise due to the lack of quality in Plywood. Speaking of plywood, the best in India is Austin Plywood. From BWP plywood to Moisture Retardant Plywood to Flexi Plywood, you can choose any plywood grade as per your needs in your Studio Apartment.

Interior Design for Studio Apartment - Austin Plywood, Best Plywood for Furniture,

If you are curious to know how to incorporate creative ideas in a studio apartment then keep reading the blog, as we will give gives how you can achieve that.

Create Max in Minimum Area

Studio apartments are certainly not minimum in style, but definitely in space. It is for this reason that you need some partition between the hall and bedroom, which not only adds texture but also works as a functional partition.

We are not saying to make the partition, you need to measure each inch with tape and put lines by marker, rather you can add bookshelves or cupboards, to divide the place. You can also use the corners, to create a distinctive section so it can look at the different parts of the apartment rather than just a big enormous hall.

Accentuate the Vacant Space with Furniture

Furniture adds volume to the space if arranged in the right manner. You can utilize Austin Plywood to craft modular kitchens, garage-style cupboards, Kitchen cabinets, living room cupboards, and cupboards with loft storage cabinets where you can keep utilities on display.

Apart from this furniture, you can use the best plywood for furniture for incorporating furniture like nesting tables, folding desks, and sofa cum beds. This furniture is functional and elevates the vacant space. The simplest way to utilize the space is to add lots of seating without taking up square footage.

Tip: Instead of adding square tables or chairs, add round tables and low seating chairs, it pulls the space together.

Make Use of Multifunctional Furniture

Double-duty beds are absolute in studio apartments to reap obsolete benefits. As an alternative to giving a carpenter dimensions and the design of a bed, have them build a bed with storage underneath. If you are not interested to keep two tables in a small area, then build a coffee table that is large enough to have your meals.

Be Creative with Floating Storage

Remove clutter from the floor, as you put it on the loft shelves or floating cabinets fixed on the wall. Creative shelf arrangements can help you make the most of your room’s space. Your entryway is a great place to add a floating shelf where you can organize all your essentials. You can even decorate the shelves with books or plants.

Build Up, Not Out

If your home has a high ceiling this hack will add a layer to your studio apartment. With blockboard and BWP plywood, you can build a loft room for yourself. It is a clever way of utilizing the additional square footage in your room. You can create a sleeping loft, while the small area in the down can be utilized as an art station or music studio, or just a space to read and hang out with friends.


Whoever thinks interior design for studio apartments is not possible, must have not thought about these creative ideas. But, you can think about these ideas and implement them with ease by choosing the best furniture for your home from us. We are an industry leader in manufacturing the best quality plywood for homes. Start today either with the D-I-Y project or hire professionals who will get it done within a few weeks.


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