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How to select the right door for your home
admin on November 19, 2022

How To Upgrade Your Home By Choosing Right Door?

Be an opener of doors” a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson fits perfectly here, as welcoming people into the home is part of every homeowner. But a door which is weak or aesthetically unpleasing won’t give lasting impression. Hence, the selection of right wooden door in India, has greater meaning than just selecting it for adding a barrier between interior and exterior.

India has a tropical climate, which means it experiences a range of weather change, which is why having a wooden door help in preventing the harsh wind to enter enclosed spaces. But how can you choose the right door? You are at the right spot to find the answer key to the question.

The doors of your home not only impose unsaid restrictions but also provide a sense of ethereal beauty. So, no matter if you are living in 1RK or a luxurious Bungalow, it is the doors of your house that matter in creating the first impression. So, you must be careful in the selection of the right door for your home.

Firstly, the Selection of Doors will Mostly Govern by Location.

  • Interior room doors
  • Main Entry Door
  • Door for bathroom
  • Door for backyard/balcony

Having the door precisely designed for each designated space is very useful and important. You cannot use the bathroom door as the entry door, or vice-versa.


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The main criteria for the front door are, it must be robust, the ability to withstand weather changes, and a lot of pressure. While internal doors act as a privacy curtain. Keeping that in mind, here are a few factors that impact the upgradation process of wooden doors in India for homes.

Design of the Door

Your home’s style heavily influences the look and design of your door. Analyzing the overall square footage and the height of the walls will help you determine the category of the home, and which style of door will complement the existing décor the best.

Firstly, categorize your home, whether it is Bungalow, villa, resort, apartment, or an urban row, it matters a lot. The size of the door must be proportionate to the dimensions of the house. Otherwise, it would look asymmetrical in view.

Size of the Door

Size is the basic point that one must keep in mind while upgradation of doors. In addition to the shape, size, and height of the rooms, the door size must also be proportional to the human dimension as well as the volume of traffic passing through it.

In this, the front doors are larger and wider than indoor doors. While entry or exit doors are mostly double doors in the bungalow. While for RK, single doors are more common.

The Durability of the Door

While the selection of wooden doors in India, it is important to select the right material. The selection of material begins with the selection of the right plywood. Plywood is available in a range of grades, while selecting plywood for a home, it is important to select the plywood.


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Cost of the Door

Carpentry cost and raw material cost are two factors affecting the door’s cost. If you buy flush doors, the cost will differ from hand-crafted wooden doors in India. With Austin Ply, you can check out both options and compare the overall cost to make the decision.


The quality and type of wooden doors matter a lot in making your home secure and beautiful. A significant amount of time must be invested in the selection of the plywood and the design which will be crafted from same. Even if it takes a lot of consideration, it is one fun and enthralling task that decides the overall décor of the interior. Make sure you enjoy the process of selecting the best plywood for wooden doors in India.


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