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How to Refurbish Your Home On A Budget
admin on September 28, 2022

How To Refurbish Your Home On A Budget?

As the festive season is knocking on the door, a lot of people giving makeover to the existing décor. If you are one of them, then read the blog on how you can add glam and contemporary style to your home with the best plywood in India, without putting a hole in your pocket.

Plywood has become the primary raw material for designing modern homes. It means 70% of your budget will depend on how wisely you select the best plywood for furniture. For this, you need to ensure the plywood you are choosing for a particular piece of furniture is perfect for that without exceeding your budget.

In this blog, we will discuss a few of the modern furniture that gives a new look to a home along with some tips so you can be careful while splurging all your money on refurbishing.

Plywood Table

An elegant coffee table around the couch can elevate your look of your instantly. You can put magazines, snack bowls, or just books to bring aesthetics even on the lowest budget.

For plywood tables you should use MR grade or commercial plywood, it does not impact the budget and gives a well-finished look in your home.


Eames-chair, which is also known as The Eames Lounge Chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is the inspiration you should go for. Originally it was constructed out of plywood and leather, however, you can be as creative as you want. Adding this chair to the balcony or reading space gives a relaxing and calming effect in the home.

You can use the same sheet that you have used for making the chair, for giving a new look without spending much on raw materials. Use plywood from Austin, as we have the best plywood in India which is moisture-resistant, insect-resistant and durable.

Kid’s Storage Cabinets

If you have kids at home, you would know the need for storage cabinets to keep necessary items for your kids. You can fabricate custom size cabinets from our best plywood for furniture to ensure the longevity and durability of the plywood.

You can use BWP or BWR Austin plywood to ensure the cabinets are long-lasting and safe to use for children as we assure microbe and insect resistance plywood.

Plywood Plant Shelves

Who doesn’t like something green and a piece of the environment inside the home? But keeping the plants in an unorganized manner can take up too much space, and create a disorganized look. This is why plant shelves are currently popular among plant owners.

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You can put the plants on the verandah, balcony, or around the foyer in a sturdy shelve made of BWP or marine plywood that can resist damage from water.


Every modern and contemporary home requires a study room. If your apartment is not big enough to build a study room, you should add a tall vintage-style bookshelf. It elevates the room and makes it look more spacious than its actual size.

The best plywood for furniture like bookshelves is blockboard and MR-grade plywood. Blockboard ensures it doesn’t bend after a couple of months, and MR-grade plywood from Austin ensures the books are safe and secure from insect infestation such as bookworms.


This furniture adds elegance to any home and gives stylish look. This furniture is functional and helpful in tidying up the room, which creates much space for you to bring posh and rich aesthetics. For this, you need to be sure the plywood you are choosing is durable, rust-resistant, crack-proof, and weatherproof.

Austin Plywood is the answer to all plywood needs as we provide the best plywood in India. We provide a warranty of 20 years on plywood along with after-purchase customer service to resolve any issue regarding the same.

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