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How to Prevent Wooden Furniture from Termites
admin on January 11, 2022

How To Prevent Wooden Furniture From Termites

Termites are the biggest threat to your wooden furniture. They can eat expensive wooden furniture without getting noticed. Usually, when one notices they have already infested. They can damage highly expensive wooden furniture and turn into a pile of sand.

These insects usually enter through the ceiling or cracks of the wall and settle around the damp and moist area of the building. Hence, during monsoon, it is important to take adequate measures to protect your home from termites.

The first sign of termite infestation is powder wood around the walls, or edges of wooden furniture. Therefore, it is highly important to inspect the wooden furniture from time to time as the biggest disadvantage is not able to detect the termites and let it cause immense damage.

High-Quality Plywood

The first and foremost step to prevent the growth of termites is to purchase high-quality plywood. The boiling-water-proof plywood is good for the fabrication of new furniture. We recommend you Austin Plywood as it is chemically treated with superior quality to resist the growth of moisture and termites. Austin Plywood ensures boiling waterproof or BWP plywood by boiling it for 200 hours. This ensures high resistance to the growth of termites between layers of plywood.

Pest Control

Termite attacks can be avoided if pest control is done every two to three years. However, if the infestation already happens then professional pest control can combat the issues with fumigation. You can also do it on your own with anti-termite chemicals and apply them directly to the infected part of the furniture. You must handle these chemicals carefully as they are toxic and have a foul smell.

Keep It Away From Moisture

Termites thrive on moist surfaces. To prevent the furniture from termites use microfiber clothing for cleaning wooden furniture instead of water. Additionally, keep it in the well-ventilated room and away from room bathroom or kitchen pipes as moisture-laden areas are the ideal place for termites to grow.

Termite-Resistant Polish On Woods

Certain wood polishes are termite-resistant that are effective in preventing the growth of termites on the furniture. These termite-resistant properties of the polish give a protective covering that helps in preserving the wood. The termite-resistant polish looks like a thick glossy finish on the wood.


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Home Remedies To Prevent From Termites


Expose The Infected Furniture To Sunlight

If the wooden furniture is already infested with termites then keep it under strong sunlight for at least three days. Sunlight helps in drying out moisture from the wood and killing the termites.

Apply Borax Solution

Borax acid is a common treatment for killing termites. Take 1 tablespoon of borax powder and mix it with 250ml of warm water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the termite-infested wooden furniture. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Natural aloe vera gel can help in killing termites. Take aloe vera leaf and cut it from the middle to extract the gel from the leaf. Blend it well and rub it on the wooden furniture. The gel layer creates a border that termites cannot cross.

Mixture Of Vinegar and Olive oil

Vinegar is known for its pungent smell that helps to repel termites. Mix four parts olive oil with one part vinegar. Spray it on the termite-infested surface. It helps in repelling the termites and makes it easier to kill with anti-termite spray.

Contact Austin Plywood for termite-proof plywood. Austin Plywood is manufactured from tropical hardwood veneers which are bonded together with phenol-formaldehyde for ensuring high-quality plywood.

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