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How To Identify Counterfeit Plywood | Best Plywood Brands - Austin Ply
admin on October 17, 2022

How To Identify Counterfeit Plywood?

In interior designing we believe, “the room should never allow the eye to set at one place”. It is an amalgamation of creative designs and functional furniture. Designing starts with the right choice of plywood, but unfortunately, the Indian market is filled with fake products. From logo dipped in the colour solution to fine polishing, fraud product manufacturers take initiative in many processes to convince consumers. Although, once you are trapped in counterfeit plywood brands, it will take a toll on you, with regular maintenance and poor-quality furniture.

In the past two years, the rise of counterfeit best plywood is on the rise. To curb the issue, our brand has taken initiative in stopping sales of the fake product along with improving the quality, so consumers are aware of the difference while purchasing the product.

The consumer, however, can still be scammed by fake products sold by unauthorized or unregistered sellers. If you are purchasing plywood from a local plywood store, make sure you are aware of how to identify counterfeit plywood.

Conducting a quality test right before purchase is the best way to avoid falling into the trap of counterfeit products. The cheap quality product will become host to termites, and borer, and are hardly durable as our original Austin Plywood products.

If you plan to renovate your home with modern plywood, you should be aware of fake products and how to distinguish them from original plywood brands.

Branded Plywood Vs Local plywood

1. Conduct Visual Inspection

To check the quality is of high quality, you must be eagle eye while buying plywood. The first step is to inspect the plywood gaps, cracks, or any distortion in uniformity. At Austin Plywood, 60% of production is conducted by state-of-the-art machinery, which makes it uniform in design, and leaves a minimal chance of error in plywood sheets.

So, if you observe the continuation of gaps, or cracks in plywood, steer away from that, as it can be fake.

2. Check The Flexibility and bendability

Unlike wood, plywood is flexible and it is easy to bend. To ensure the quality of plywood is better than other materials, one must check the flexibility of the wood.

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But, as plywood is bought in bulk, it is difficult to check each one individually for these errors. To save time and money, one can check Austin Plywood’s with an ISI mark, and its 8ft sheet length is enough to distinguish the fake and original product.

3. Conduct Tests

Austin Plywood lists the plywood in the market after it goes through a series of stringent testing. So, to find out the quality of BWR or waterproof plywood, you can conduct a boiling water test.

Put a block of plywood in the pressure cooker and wait for 7 whistles, plywood that can resist damage from boiling water would stay as it is, but fake plywood would crumble up or swell if put in boiling water.

4. Screw Holding Ability of Plywood

The plywood with high-strength and dense core is built to hold a screw. To distinguish fake from original Austin Plywood you can check holding the nail ability. The fake plywood is much lower in strength and hardly can hold a nail. Test that, and make sure your money is not going to waste while buying plywood.

5. Buy From Registered Austin Plywood Store

If you are planning a bulk purchase of plywood for a project, always consider a shop that holds the license to sell Austin Plywood. They provide a warranty certificate along with a GST bill, that you can hold accountable as proof in case of damage or during a warranty claim.


Save yourself from the hassle and valueless expenditure by checking the product before buying. Austin Plywood holds accreditation from BS Lloyd which shows the product’s quality. To buy plywood online from trusted plywood brands in bulk you can mail us at sales@austinplywood.com

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