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There Are Few Things You Must Avoid While Choosing Wooden Flush Doors | Wooden Doors India - Austin Plywood
admin on April 12, 2022

Few Things You Must Avoid While Choosing Wooden Doors

What’s the first thing a visitor notices while coming to your house? Of course the door!

A wooden door for a home is the first impression for anyone entering your home. Nowadays, doors are so much more than just a merese piece of wood to enter and exit the house.

Wooden door adds elegance to any home, and this is why committing a mistake while buying one can create havoc.

This is why we have curated a list of mistakes and tips that you must steer away from while buying a wooden door for your home.

Tips to Avoid Common Mistake While Buying Wooden Door For Home

Consider Everything In Detail Before You Buy

The door is an important part of a home. Once you think of all the factors important to consider before buying a door, there is a minimal scope of error.

Buying a door is a long-term investment, so narrowing down factors like what is the material you want, the pattern of the door, design, texture, size, and location in which it will be installed will save your time and money in finding the right door for home.

There Are Few Things You Must Avoid While Choosing Wooden Doors | Wooden Doors India-Austin Plywood


If you still feel confused, here are some questions you can ask yourself before buying wooden doors.

What features you are looking for?

The more you get in detail the less mistake you make. Ask yourself what type of features you are looking for? BWP, Marine ply, termite-resistant, borer-resistant, weather-proof, Fire Retardant Plywood, and low maintenance are some of the features you must see before investing in any.

What kind of material do you want?

Material plays a key role in buying a wooden door. There is numerous material which is in play in the market and each of them comes with a different set of features. Austin plywood gives you the versatility in choice, you can pick from any of this material for sturdy doors. WPC wooden frame, WPC door, flush door, and weather-resistant plywood are available in Austin. Flush doors for home, WPC doors are ready-to-use doors, and WPC wooden frames and plywood are materials of choice for crafting a fashionable door.

Wrong Measurement

Can’t emphasis more on this point as it is self-explanatory. When buying a wooden door for the home you cannot go wrong with measurement. Taking the right measurement is tough, there can be flaws in measurement, and this is why it is better to take professional help who has experience in this. You can ask the vendors of the plywood store to take a measurement or consult a carpenter for this.

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Selecting the right texture and color

In a home, doors are not only functional elements but also help in elevating the décor of the home. Choosing a color or texture that goes along with the exterior and interior of the home looks eye-pleasing visually. There are numerous sun mica textures and colors that are added on MDF board or veneers to elevate the overall look of the dor. You can opt for trendy wooden door designs like bi-fold doors, or battened doors, and if you want old harm then classic French doors are the one to go for.


An informed buyer makes fewer mistakes we have bundled all information you need for making the perfect wooden door. With this buying guide and pointers, you can avoid the mistake that most people commit while buying one.

Austin plywood is the perfect choice for creating trendy or classic wooden doors for home or furniture. Get more information about the products and their application by contacting our experts at 8100336666/9831479000.


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