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Explicit Features Of BWP Plywood
admin on May 9, 2022

Explicit Features Of BWP Plywood?

Plywood is the primary material of choice for manufacturing furniture. But, do you know every plywood does not have the same features and every kind of plywood is not useful for all spaces.

Different plywood grades include waterproof, marine plywood, moisture-resistant, and fire-retardant. Out of them, BWP plywood is a type of waterproof plywood. This has seeped into the homes of homeowners and the reason behind this is its explicit features.

For your insight, BWP is boiling waterproof. As the name suggests, it protects the plywood from boiling water. An ISI mark identifies it. ISI 710 is the ISI code for BWP plywood.

Indian furniture and cabinet makers are using BWP for a variety of reasons. Its stunning features is the reason that makes BWP one of the most preferred plywood grades for exterior and interior.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits and features of BWP plywood.


Minimal Core Gaps

The use of adhesive, glue, and double pressing ensures there are no gaps between the veneers. The minimal gap and enhanced thickness of the plywood ensure there are minimal gaps in the core. It allows the adhesive to settle in between the core and perform better.


Shape Retention

Boiling waterproof can bear a high load without any change in shape or strength of the plywood. It has extreme stability and can resist weather changes and the high load of any product. It does not change in shape or deform even if you test it in pressure cooker for 7 whistles. This is why it is common to use cabinets and tables.


Borer and Termite Proof

Austin plywood ensures your valuable asset lasts longer. This protects the plywood from termites chewing their way into it and keeps borers from attacking the edges of the furniture. It enhances durability of the plywood.


Waterproof Quality

If compared to MR or BWR plywood, BWP has superior waterproof quality. This is because of its aforementioned qualities. With BWP you can envision the aesthetics that you can use for leisure activities like couch or bed or functional activities such as cabinets.

BWP plywood has a range of applications in crafting designer wardrobes, multi-functional modular kitchens, and aesthetic bathrooms.


Weather Resistant

The plywood has an anti-warp feature, as this plywood is processed through stress-relieving treatment, it ensures extreme stability irrespective of weather conditions. Thereby, it can be exposed to humid conditions for a long period without any delamination.

Due to weather resistance, use of premium resin, and minimal gaps in the veneer, it is usually high in strength, compared to other veneers such as BWR or MR grade.


Where Can You Use BWP Plywood?

Due to its explicit characteristics, BWP is a suitable material for both interiors and exteriors. It is easily adaptable to any situation and can be used in many ways, as we have explained in this blog.

From home cabinets, tables, and sofas, it is found in interior furniture crafting. Exterior uses include wooden boats, ship decks, and storage units on balconies or terraces.



As an informed consumer, you can choose the right plywood grade. The durability of the furniture depends a lot on the raw material you pick. BWP plywood will assure the valuable wooden asset won’t get deformed or damaged with time.

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