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Plywood Brands | Flexi Plywood from Austin Plywood
admin on December 28, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Flexi Plywood

Flexi plywood, also known as flexible plywood is the wonder material in the wooden world as it is known widely for crafting modern-day furniture with curves and bends. Modern-day designs aren’t as rigid as traditional designs, the fluidity in walls and furniture brings us to the material that doesn’t confine the structures into rectangular or square form, rather it makes it flexible, which adds to the aesthetic and makes it visually appealing.

But, before you buy Flexi plywood from leading plywood brands, here’s everything you need to know about the material.

What Is Flexi Plywood?

It is a form of plywood that is extremely flexible and doesn’t hold any resistance to bending or rolling. The plywood can be twisted, curved, or transformed into any shape without fear of chipping or cracking of the plywood.

The Flexi plywood is so flexible, that it can be bent by hand, and the bending radius of the plywood depends on the thickness of the sheet. This feature of the plywood makes it an ideal choice for curved contours without any loss of strength and stability.

But How Does Flexi Plywood Manage To Be That Flexible? 

Flexi plywood is different from straight plywood, as the technical specifications are different. In regular plywood, the grains of plywood are cross-sectional and pressed perpendicularly which gives the plywood rigidity. While in Flexi plywood, the grains are pressed in one direction, which gives its bendy properties and unmatched flexibility.

What Makes Flexi Plywood Worth The Purchase?

Flexi plywood has some amazing advantages that cannot be matched with other kinds of plywood. It surely cannot be used as an alternative to regular plywood, however, the advantages make it the right choice for doing amazing things in interiors.

Plywood Brands | Flexi Plywood from Austin Plywood

1.     Easy To Mold

Flexible plywood is useful in concept furniture, as it can get a smooth and seamless design without much effort. The designs which were not even possible to design with single sheets of plywood became possible with Flexi plywood.

2.     Resistant To Microbial Attack And Termite Infestation

The flexible plywood does not succumb to microbial attacks from bacteria or viruses. It is chemically treated that resists the growth of microbes on the surface. Further, it also exhibits resistance to moisture and water penetration, which makes it termite and borer resistant.

3.     Fits Well On A Tight Budget

Flexi plywood at Austin is affordable and fits well into small budgets. Apart from reasonable cost, Flexible plywood is quite easy to carve into different shapes, which makes it less time-consuming and requires lesser time to fabricate any design from this raw material, saving an enormous amount of time and money.

Application Of Flexi Plywood

As the plywood is easy to mold and shape into any design, it becomes important to discuss the application area, so you can utilize the sheet extensively for interior modification.

  1. Rocking chairs, curved sofa, round coffee table, and ottoman, are some of the sitting arrangement which if manufactured with Flexible plywood enhances the visually appealing.
  2. Curved staircases are a popular modern design, which can be constructed with Flexi plywood.
  3. Dome-shaped sitting area, done in the interiors to create a cozy and comfortable nook.
  4. Office furniture
  5. Rounded or curved columns and arcs


Austin Plywood is known for bringing innovation with modern technology as being one of the leading plywood brands. The Flexi plywood gives opportunities to architects and designers all over the world to bring fluidity to modern homes/offices or commercial spaces.

Austin Plywood confirms Indian and International standards for manufacturing plywood that stays relevant with age. It is long-lasting and comes with a warranty of 20 years. To buy or learn from our experts, reach out to us by mailing at sales@austinplywood.com



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