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Myths Related To Waterproof Plywood
admin on September 15, 2022

Debunking Myths Related To Waterproof Plywood

Plywood is one of the building materials that has garnered popularity over the years. It is available in BWR, BWP, MR and Marine plywood which are widely useful in the exterior, structural, interior, marine, and construction industries. The popularity of plywood is large because of its ability to replicate wooden designs. Affordability, strength, and flexibility are some of the other features that make it right choice for numerous applications.

The sheer features also include waterproof plywood. This has created a debate among buyers, is plywood really waterproof or just a myth? So, in this article, we will shed light on the myths which are popularly associated with waterproof plywood.

Myths About Waterproof Plywood

Myth1: MR and Waterproof Plywood Are Similar

Fact: It is not.

Many homeowners are unaware that MR plywood and waterproof plywood are different types of plywood. MR or Moisture Resistant plywood is also known as commercial plywood as it is useful for general wooden applications. We At Austin treat MR plywood with formaldehyde resin that can resist moisture in the air. You can use it in the Kitchen or bathroom where the moisture is high.

But, you cannot replace its use with ‘waterproof plywood’ like BWR Plywood, or Marine Plywood. It cannot be used for manufacturing boat decks or structures which will be completely submerged in water for days, months, and weeks.

Myth 2: Marine Plywood Is Only Waterproof Plywood

A lot of individuals associate waterproof plywood with only “marine plywood”. However, there is a lot of plywood grade which are manufactured for water resistance. BWP plywood and BWR plywood are water-resistant plywood. The suggestion of using only marine plywood for spaces like kitchens and bathroom is not factual and it is nothing more than a myth.

Explanation– The reason behind this popular belief is Marine Ply is superior in water-resisting abilities. It is more appropriate for exterior uses such as industrial applications or submarines. So until and unless you are planning to submerge your kitchen or bathroom in water, there is no need to use Marine plywood in interiors.

Myth3: Waterproof plywood requires more maintenance

Fact: It’s not necessary

A lot of people avoid buying water-proof plywood for all interior needs as they think it requires much more maintenance than MR plywood. Spending extra on regular painting and polishing are excessive expenditures for many.

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However, waterproof plywood is more durable and even stronger than MDF board. These plywood are useful for high-end furniture and cabinetry. The phenolic resin gives waterproof properties to the plywood and makes it appropriate to use for numerous applications without any loss of quality. Therefore, waterproof plywood does not require much more maintenance than any other plywood grade.

Myth 4: Waterproof Plywood Is Not Genuine

Fact: It is genuine

You have probably grown tired of hearing about the unreality of waterproof plywood by now. However, it is only a myth, since marine plywood, BWP plywood, and BWR plywood are waterproof.

At Austin, you get waterproof plywood which is tested under extreme conditions. The BWP plywood is capable of resisting boiling water for up to 200hours. With synthetic resin and vacuum pressure, piles of wood are compressed and made waterproof.


Now as you are aware of myth and fact, when it comes to water, you are in a position to make the right decisions. With these debunked myths your first consideration should be BWP plywood or BWR plywood for picking plywood for kitchens or bathrooms and it should be marine plywood for exterior application.

So, now every time you need to pick plywood for locations that have close contact with water, you can have a clear understanding of the type of plywood grade to pick. Austin has a great collection of quality plywood readily.

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