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Budget-Friendly Tips For Designing Modular Kitchen - Plywood Modular Kitchen
admin on May 7, 2022

Budget-Friendly Tips For Designing Plywood Modular Kitchen

If you like putting lo-fi music and cooking gourmet and traditional cuisine in modular kitchen for yourself and your family, then it is evident Kitchen is your favourite space. Plywood modular kitchen streamlines the functionality of a kitchen and brings interior aesthetic to your home.

However, designing a modular kitchen may not seem easy to you, but it’s not impossible. With the right planning and sorting of design, you can achieve this feature in your house.

If you are wondering what point to keep in mind while designing a budget-friendly modular kitchen? Then here is the go-to list before you start shopping and designing a modular kitchen.


Define the Kitchen Space of Your Home

Before designing or planning the plywood modular kitchen you need to define the area for the kitchen. Some folks prefer an open kitchen while some want it separated, the overall look of the kitchen will define the design.

It doesn’t matter if the design is U-shaped, L-shaped, or galley and it depends on the size and space available to you.

Once you define the space in which you want to work, you can easily cut down the expenses based on alternative options without compromising on functionality, quality, and aesthetics.


Understanding the material

A plywood modular kitchen consists of built-in cabinets and shelves. By combining all components, a cohesive kitchen space is created. It goes without saying that the material is a key factor in managing the budget of a modular kitchen.

The idea behind a streamlined kitchen is to make your life simpler. Therefore, it is wise to use a material that fits the budget and requires little maintenance. For a durable, damage-free, and termite-proof kitchen, Austin’s BWP plywood is a must.

Austin’s club plus, Platinum plus, and Austin Marine Grade Plywood are chemically treated with permanent preservatives through vacuum pressure impregnation. These plywood varieties are manufactured from farmland timber to ensure quality and sustainability.

You can also opt for fire-retardant plywood for the cabinets near the stove for avoiding any fire accident in your kitchen space.


Choosing Right Backsplash

The backsplash is another space that adds aesthetic to the modular kitchen. MDF board or laminates instead of ceramic tiles enhances its finish and adds elegance to the space. You can choose different shades of sun mica on plywood that suits the design of the plywood modular kitchen.


Open shelves

To reduce the expense and reinvigorate the kitchen, you can use open shelves for keeping spice boxes or crockery. It displays the beauty of the kitchen and at the same time saves a lot of time. Open shelves can be either added separately on countertops or created with plywood while designing plywood modular kitchen. It gives the oppurtunity to home owners to be created with the decor and put statement crockery pieces or put indoor plants for spalsh of colour.


Plywood countertops

A plywood countertop can be a saviour if you want to save some bucks while designing the kitchen. Marble or ceramic tile is exorbitant while plywood costs half of it. Using chemically treated plywood, Austin Defender-Fire retardant plywood delays flame penetration by 50 minutes and has superior strength. This makes it the perfect material to go on countertops.



If you are in the process of designing the kitchen, keep these pointers in your mind. This will be a great start for saving money. Today, plywood is known as the primary material for use among interior designers, as it is easier to fabricate and lightweight in nature. Starting from wall racks, and open shelves to under sink cabinets, with plywood every little space is utilized for a modular kitchen.

For designing a plywood modular kitchen if you are wondering which plywood to buy you can contact our experts at Austin Plywood.