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block board
admin on August 8, 2022

Advantages Of Using Block Boards

Be it sleek cupboards or sturdy sofas, plywood has proven to be the preferred alternative to solid wood. Today, most people buy plywood online, along with other plywood grades, block board has become popular product to purchase for home/office renovation projects.

Block board is made differently, it is pressurized in such a way that softwood strips are found between two layers of veneers. Block board may seem like a new invention, however, if we turn around the pages of history, there is evidence of the use of block board in the Egyptian Era.

Block board is commonly used as plywood for furniture, as the blocks of wood give structural support to the furniture and enhance its stability. It contributes to the dimensional stability of the plywood. The softwood inside the block board helps in holding the nail and screws better than other plywood.

Properties of Block Board

Weight and Density

Block board is manufactured from softwood, which is lighter than block board. The lightweight of the board makes it easy to transport from one location to another. Furthermore, the block boards have low density, which adds up to the benefit of easy transportation and easy installation.


Block boards are more durable than any other kind of composite material. The material is composed of wooden blocks stuck together in cross-sectional form with two thin veneers on the front and back. The wooden block enhances the strength and is impact resistant, making it more durable than solid wood.

Water-resistant Properties

Block boards are softwood and made of wooden strips which is why it is prone to damage from water. However, at Austin, we use a double core block board, which goes through double pressing along with the addition of waterproof phenolic gum to ensure it is free from corrugation and gaps, hence enhancing its water-resistant properties.


Block boards are generally thicker than plywood. It is available in thicknesses of 19mm, 16mm, and 25mm. It can go up to 50mm thickness, which is mostly preferred for beds or fabrication of sofas. The thickness defines its strength and ability to hold the screw.

Advantages of Block Board

Resist Bending in the Middle

Block boards are mostly preferred for tall cabinets or furniture for paneling, shelves, tables, and benches, as it resists bending in middle. It does not drift from its shape due to changes in weather or load, because of its wooden core.

Ability to Hold screws

Block boards depict better screw holding capacity than MDF or particle board. They can hold nails very well, thus useful in custom-made furniture. Block board is the common material of choice as the core for flush doors, as in the doors, screw holding capacity is essential.


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Resistant To Wrapping And Cracking

Block board has good dimensional stability, which conduces its anti-warping and cracking features. The dimensional stability feature makes it carpenter friendly, as it leads to less splinter and has better surface texture while crafting than plywood.

Surface Finishing

Block board is available in various textures and finishes. You can add MDF board, paper laminates, sunmica, or other textured wooden veneers with block board t enhance its aesthetic features.


Block board is light in weight even with its high structural dimension. Austin Plywood’s Block board is manufactured from high-quality Meghalayan Pine Wood, which is one of the high-quality softwood. The softwood core makes the panel lightweight and makes it a preferable choice for tables and benches, doors, sliding, and partition walls.


Block board is easy on tools, sustainable, and cost-effective. Today, the popularity of plywood is undeniable, and the same reflects with block  board. It gives structural support to furniture and enhances its durability for years.

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