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Adorn Pinterest like Home with Austin Plywood's Furniture - Best Plywood for Furniture
admin on May 5, 2022

Adorn Pinterest like Home with Austin Plywood’s Furniture

Did you ever consider that you could decorate your interiors like Pinterest home décor you adore? Yes, it is now possible with Austin’s best plywood for furniture.

Imagine throwing a party at your home, and the guests arrive at magnetic looking home, won’t they be impressed? Yeah, you know the answer.

Give your home the wow factor so that every visitor or guest cannot stop praising it. Today, Pinterest is the hub for designers to get inspiration about trendy and in-fashion designs. So, let’s check out some of the designs which you can include in your home fashion and create a statement look with plywood at a budget-friendly cost.


File and Books Cabinet

Bring out your geek fashion and style the home-office space with a file and books cabinet. The multi-cabinet sleek table will suit well in the living room or around the foyer, ensuring your files would never be disorganized.

Interior décor is not only for spacious rooms but also for small rooms, and this minimalist cabinet fits well in any home. We recommend Austin’s Club Plus, Austin Platinum Plus, and Lincoln’s MR grade plywood for furniture of this type. These are the best plywood for furniture, as it resists moisture to settle between the veneers and adds durability and strength to the cabinet.

File and Books Cabinet - best plywood for furniture | Austin Plywood
Image Source: Pinterest


Round Edges With Extra Sitting Space Sofa

2020 was the year when the virus shut the doors outside and forced us to spend most of our time inside. 2 years went by, and we are still having a cat and mouse chase with the virus, this has drastically changed living habits. Spending most time on the couch as being a couch potato, became a thing, and this has changed the way we envision our houses. Round edged with extra sitting space in sofa became popular among designers and homeowners.

To recreate this look, you can use Teak Veneers by Austin Plywood.

Round Edges With Extra Sitting Space Sofa - best plywood for furniture | Austin Plywood
Image Source: Pinterest


Statement Piece

A home is incomplete without a statement piece. Refurbish the old cabinet with this contemporary-style modern cabinet. Open cabinets take lesser space than closed ones and add value to the décor of your home. You can put potted plants, accents, and statement pieces on these shelves making it eclectic to glance at and devour the beauty.

To recreate this look, we recommend you Lincoln MR plywood, as it is lighter than waterproof plywood and able to withstand the attack of moisture on the veneers.

Statement Piece - best plywood for furniture | Austin Plywood
Image Source: Pinterest


Wall Racks

If you are someone who would define their taste in style as streamlined and minimalist then wall racks are the ones you must pick. It saves space and gives a new look to the boring walls. Natural veneer by Austin Plywood, that has the appearance of solid wood, is perfect for this type of furniture.

Choosing the best plywood for furniture for recreating this look, will ensure the effort and money you invest in making this won’t go in vain. Plywood is way lighter than wood and easier to install on walls, moreover, they are not susceptible to damage from termite or borer attack. This makes it worth the effort to choose plywood for home.

Wall Racks - best plywood for furniture | Austin Plywood
Image Source: Pinterest


Go on oomph your home with dynamic and vibrant furniture. Austin Plywood provides a wide range of plywood to consumers which go through stringent testing to ensure they are long-lasting and free from chipping, warping, and cracking. Check out the plywood range on our website, and splash your home with trendy creativity.

To learn more about the product’s specification and plywood stores for the best plywood furniture contact our experts via call on 8100336666/983147900 or mail at sales@austinplywood.com.

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