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Tips to Choose the Right Size and Thickness of Plywood
admin on July 28, 2022

5 Unavoidable Tips Choose the Right Size and Thickness of Plywood

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” – Andre Putma

To understand the importance of sizes in any home, read the quote again. Choosing the right materials is the most overlooked aspect of home design.

If you are planning new construction or redesigning an old one in the city of love-Kolkata, you must pick the best plywood in Kolkata. Choosing the right plywood thickness and size may be challenging if you aren’t a seasoned pro. You would want to buy plywood enough so that you don’t have to run to the store when the work is half-done. For that, you need to get the dimensions and properties right.

It’s hardly simple to pick the right thickness of the plywood. You neither want it too thin nor too thick. To ensure a successful build of furniture, select the right thickness to avoid possible hassles and ensure a smooth finish.

No one likes when the furniture is half done, and you realize that the thickness is not appropriate to hold the shape of the furniture.

To avoid any of the pitfalls, we have curated a list of tips that you can follow while buying the best plywood in Kolkata.

Preparation For The Project

The thickness of the plywood will have variance. You can buy uniform thickness plywood, but with sanding, and cutting the thickness changes. To avoid the hassle, you can ask the carpenter or professional to give a list of thicknesses for a project or ask for a few small cuts of plywood in different thicknesses to ensure the plywood can fit snugly with each other.

Unavoidable Tips Choose the Right Size and Thickness of Plywood

Cabinets Or Wardrobes

Cabinets are mostly tall and wide, which require a sturdy and compatible sheet that can hold its shape and won’t damage with too much load. Most of the cabinets are fabricated from 12mm plywood thickness.

The thickness can vary depending on the size of the wardrobe you are fabricating. Remember the longer the shelves the thicker the wooden panels. The thickness assures the cabinets won’t sag or damage when put under pressure.

Plywood Furniture

The plywood furniture comprises tables, chairs, beds, sofas, and cupboards. When it comes to furniture the thickness can vary from 16mm to 24mm plywood. It is appropriate for building tables, and chairs. While for a set of drawers in cabinets a 6mm and 12mm plywood is appropriate.

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While for other furniture, you need to make a call depending on its usage. For instance, decorative pieces and lamp tables on which heavyweight won’t be pressing down do not require thick plywood sheets, while for bed and sofa you must buy the thickest sheet which can resist the heavy weight with ease.


There is no substitute for plywood flooring when it comes to adding pizzazz or oomph to floors. It adds elegance, brings a classic look, and gives an edge to your home. But, picking plywood flooring is tricky. The thin plywood sheet would get damaged easily and warp off after a couple of years. So, to avoid this, you can pick plywood anywhere from 15 to 25mm sheet which can hold the nail and has waterproof properties.


While length and breadth of plywood do vary on the size of the furniture, which you can easily fabricate according to o requirement. But with the thickness, you should be cautious to avoid any errors. To buy the appropriate size best plywood in Kolkata you can head to any of the authentic retail shops of Austin plywood.

Austin plywood is a leading plywood brands in India. They offer a range of plywood grades and their aggregates. To buy high-quality plywood from us, you can buy plywood online by mailing at sales@austinplywood.com or calling us at 8100336666 / 9831479000.

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