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5 Types Of Plywood Cupboards To Transform Interiors | Best Plywood for Furniture From Austin Plywood
admin on December 13, 2022

5 Types Of Plywood Cupboards To Transform Interiors

A wardrobe is a great idea for transforming limited spaces in interiors, and these designs will give you more!

A plywood cupboard that looks like a design from a style magazine and can take someone’s breadth away, is what one needs in a home. But, you may think it is out of budget, but that’s not true as with Austin plywood, you get the best plywood for furniture that doesn’t bust the bank. Aesthetic designs shouldn’t be exorbitant, rather they can be cost-effective if you use MR grade, waterproof and fire-retardant plywood for crafting custom designs.

5 Types Of Plywood Cupboards To Transform Interiors | Best Plywood for Furniture From Austin Plywood

To create a luxurious space around you, here are some of the wardrobe designs you must swear by!

Designs That Exude Elegance And Style

Add Stylish Finishes to Plywood Cupboards

There is a huge color palette range apart from beige and brown. From lamination to utilization of paints, one can get spoilt of choices, as plywood is a flexible material and any type of coating substance can be added to it. Instead of opting for shades of brown, you can try the pastel colors like olive green, sweet pink, Watermelon Hex, or lilac are more popular color choices.

Plywood Cupboard with Glass Doors

Mirror or glass shutters in plywood create a sophisticated interior and add elegance to closet space. The addition of a glass panel plywood cupboard in the bedroom makes it spacious and less cluttered. Lighting inside plywood doors will amplify them, while moisture-retardant plywood or fire-resistant plywood will make the structure sturdy and long-lasting. But beware, a plywood closet with cloth hanging there won’t leave you space for stacking the clothes in an uncluttered way.

Reflect More and Embrace the Mix of Mirror Doors

If you have a studio apartment or limited space in your home to keep a self-standing long mirror, it is best to integrate the same with the plywood cupboard door. The mirror in the cupboard gives a sleek look and helps reflect light in the interiors optimally. The best plywood for furniture for integrating mirrors is a blockboard whose thickness is wide enough to hold nails and the mirror edges.

3-Door Plywood Wardrobe Design

A 3-door plywood wardrobe adds a dimension to your decor. These wardrobes are designed as per the need and space one wants to use. Coving an entire wall with a wardrobe enhances the storage space and amplifies the total space in a room. Using termite-proof and borer-proof plywood is the right choice, as one doesn’t have access to regular maintenance at the corners and back of the cupboard.

Angled Shutter Wardrobe Plywood

Bringing up the traditional in a modern home is the new trend every homeowner wants to jump in. The inclusion of a plantation shutter cupboard door to a wardrobe provides a decorative touch to it. It relishes the finished texture of wood, and if fabricated with the best plywood, the design will never warp or fade.

If you are in love with vintage charm, then this look is for you. The design evokes traditional appeal in modern homes.


The best plywood for furniture and crafting original wardrobe with the finest craftsman you must choose the right plywood grade and thickness. Plywood is available in BWR, BWP, and MR grades which are useful in interior applications, utilize these to create an intricate and modern cupboard design by taking inspiration from the designs mentioned in the blog. To buy good quality plywood, get in touch with us and our experts will guide you in the purchase of the right plywood for interiors.


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