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5 Things to Know About Marine Plywood | Austin's BWP Plywood
admin on December 30, 2022

5 Things to Know About Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is the highest-graded plywood in the plywood industry. It is a premium grade plywood and highly water resistant plywood and boiling waterproof plywood. Building waterproof structures such as boat decks, or ships require high-quality water-resistant plywood, which is often fulfilled by BWP plywood or marine plywood.

In Layman’s language, Marine Plywood is boiling waterproof plywood. Here are some of the features you must know about Marine Plywood.

How Is Marine Plywood Manufactured?

Marine Plywood is manufactured from tropical seasons hardwood, which is naturally resistant to water and makes the right fit for the fabrication of marine-grade plywood. Moreover, at Austin, the plywood is chemically treated making Austin’s Marine gold plywood better than other manufacturers.

How Is Marine Plywood Manufactured | Austin's BWP Plywood

The name of the plywood suggests that this plywood are extensively used for construction, bathroom with exposed cabins, sauna, yacht, lifeboats, and other related industry where plywood is in high exposure to water. Although it is higher in cost than other plywood grades, it is important to keep a note of its unmatchable strength.

Marine Plywood Uses Highly Modified Resin

Marine-grade plywood is treated and bonded with marine-grade waterproof resin. An adhesive made of melamine urea-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde resin is used. Under high-humidity conditions and water immersion, the premium resin can resist penetration.

The application of good quality resin makes the plywood water-resistant, rot-resistant, and moisture resistant which makes it perfect for conditions where plywood is in close contact with water for months or years.

Ability To Retain Integrity In Water

As mentioned earlier, waterproof plywood has a high threshold for exposure to water. This is why marine grade finds its application in outdoor uses such as gardens or staircases. Plywood’s poreless surface prevents water from seeping between the layers, preventing delamination which can occur with regular plywood.

An Unmatchable Strength

Marine grade plywood has cross-sectional plywood grain, which means each layer is added perpendicularly making it stronger than other plywood. Marine Plywood is one of the strongest of all, as premium resins are utilized along with seasoned timber making giving it qualities such as termite-proof, borer proof, and chip-proof.

Pricier Than Regular Plywood

If compared to MR grade or boiling water resistant, Marine grade plywood is costlier, sometimes twice as expensive. The phenolic plastic resin and the type of timber selected determine the cost of the plywood. For marine, premium wood is selected which influences the heavy cost of marine wood. To learn about marine plywood prices, you can check out the official listing site or connect with an authentic plywood store.

Build For Durability

Marine-grade plywood is tested for robust qualities and durability. It can resist damage for 200 hours in boiling water, which makes it able to resist damage from close contact with water. Marine plywood conforms to IS:710 and has 21 years of warranty, even more, if it is utilized in interior furniture.


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Is Marine Plywood Better Than Regular Plywood?

According to research, marine plywood performs better than regular commercial plywood, but the reason behind this is its capability to resist moisture and water. However, on the other hand, it is important to remember that plywood required for commercial purposes is thinner, which is why, there are not interchangeable, rather both are useful for specific needs, and one must consult an expert before making a purchase.


Marine Plywood offered by Austin Plywood is resistant to microbes, impact, and scratch making it an appropriate choice for interior and exterior. Austin Plywood has a huge range of plywood grade including MR grade, Flexi ply, block board, BWP plywood and BWR plywood at affordable plywood price that fits the consumer needs.


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