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4 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Fire Retardant Plywood
admin on July 9, 2021

4 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Fire-Retardant Plywood

Over the years, people’s concern for safety in their own homes has drastically increased, and the government has responded by making it a priority.

Hence, providing a healthy and safe environment for residents is an essential responsibility of an interior designer, and the use of fire retardant plywood has become a must in any renovation project.

It’s pretty natural to be blown away by how great your home will look post-remodeling. In most cases, homeowners are more inclined to lay emphasis on utility and aesthetics. There is a lot of thought that goes into walls, flooring, furniture, fixtures, and lighting.

But the real question is how often do you ponder the safety of your abode? Are you confident it is protected against unwanted mishaps that usually threaten the security of a home, the most common one of which is fire?

The purpose of this blog is to shed some light on why you should opt for fire retardant plywood. Therefore, let’s get to the point without further ado.


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Why you should Opt for Fire-Retardant Plywood?

Low smoke emission- One might die due to suffocation caused by smoke and gases than fire by itself. Smoke is a terrible fusion of CO and CO2. Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death related to fire accidents. This is because smoke and toxic gases contribute to suffocation and choking, thus deterring the evacuation process. Fire retardant plywood, however, produces less smoke than conventional wood. As a bonus, the chemicals used are non-toxic and water-based.

Diminishes the spreadability of fire – Fire-retardant plywood forms a thin layer of protective char upon contact with fire. In addition to serving as a mild flame retardant, char has an insulating effect on the wood’s outer layer, making it harder to ignite. Also, the non-combustible gases and water vapor produced by fire retardant plywood prevent flames from spreading to other surfaces. Therefore, the flame travel rate is further slowed, reducing the combustion speed.

Reduces the likelihood of a fire – The nano-engineered particles infused in fire retardant plywood render low flammability properties to the plywood. Furthermore, the increased protection provided by fire retardant plywood reduces the possibility of sparks or ignition. As a result, chemically treated wood is impervious to fire sources such as lightning, flames, and fireworks that can otherwise engulf down houses and cause significant damage.


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Provides ample time for the victims to flee – Fire retardant plywood retards the spread of flames and the possibility of flame penetration for a while. In this way, people have extra time to get out of danger well before the plywood walls transform into ashes. Also, the emergency response teams get adequate time to help people stuck inside the building or take necessary action to control the fire.


Whoever said that “Fire is a good slave, but a bad master” could not have been more accurate.

The fire retardant plywood’s ability to maintain structural integrity in the event of a fire results in lower insurance rates and reduced repair costs.

Austin Defender‘ is the name we give to our fire retardant plywood range. Austin Defender will offer your loved ones and precious belongings ideal protection during a fire disaster. They are infused with the capacity to delay fire by not less than 50 minutes.

Considering all this information, there should be nothing stopping you from getting in touch with us.




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