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Austin Antiviral Plywood: Ensure A Healthy Space For Your Loved Ones
admin on March 26, 2022

Austin Antiviral Plywood: Ensure A Healthy Space For Your Loved Ones

Microbes are not visible, but that does not mean they are not a threat to you. Recently we experienced this with the coronavirus pandemic.
Do you remember disinfecting every surface you touched after coming from outside? Yes, the times called for that, to keep yourself and your family safe. But as we are moving out of pandemic and hopefully inching towards endemic, we can’t let our guard down.
To ensure your family and you are safe in the interior it is imperative to adopt new technologies and products which protect from viruses and microbes.
Releasing the need of the hour, Austin took a step in the direction by introducing antiviral plywood to combat the mushrooming of microbes in plywood furniture. Want to know more about Antiviral plywood, then continue reading.


Austin’s Antiviral Plywood

Today, we have realized the need of antiviral properties in wooden furniture, as these take up most of our space at home and are difficult to disinfect or clean. Austin has realized the gap when it comes to antiviral property in furniture. To bridge the gap in dire times, Austin launched the antiviral plywood range in October 2020. It is launched as a new initiative Austin Cares which helps people to cope with the ongoing pandemic.


Advantages of Antiviral Plywood

1. Austin’s antiviral plywood is made from particles that are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial and can kill 99.9 percent of viruses.
2. These plywood are versatile and can be used in any space of the house. The plywood is boiling waterproof which makes it resistant to water damage, so it can be used in the bathroom and kitchen which are a hotspot for the growth of microbes.
3. Our antiviral plywood is a one-of-a-kind product that is 100% immune to termite or borer attacks.

Austin Plywood’s Antiviral Plywood Features

Being one of the leading companies in the plywood industry, we ensure the plywood reaches the home has features and benefits that fit well for the fabrication of any design.

Termite Proof

The uniform distribution of adhesive detests moisture and creates sturdy plywood which is moisture and waterproof. This plywood do not have the risk of termite attack that enhances the durability of the veneers.


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Warp Proof

The platinum plus plywood goes through quadruple pressing, which ensures the uniform distribution of adhesive and moisture that makes the plywood durable and free from warping. We have in-house testing facilities that make sure the plywood goes through stringent testing to ensure the plywood does not warp or bend when used for the fabrication of furniture.

Superior Strength

Plywood is made by adding sheets of veneers made of wooden chips. The more the layers, the stronger the plywood. At Austin to ensure the endurance of plywood, the phenol-formaldehyde resin is used and Gurjan timber is used which makes the plywood superior in strength.

Austin is pioneering in antiviral plywood products, to keep your family safe and secure. Adhering to national and international standards it manufactures plywood that is durable, bacteria or virus-free, and light in weight. If you want to buy Austin’s antiviral plywood head over to the local plywood supplier.

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