3 Reasons to Choose Austin Plywood instead of Timber

Often when we are planning on investing in new furniture or new home interior, one factor that leaves us all baffled is definitely the choice between timber and plywood. While there used to be a time, when wood or timber was considered to be the best option, but things have changed these days. Apart from the cost factor, we can give you several reasons to choose plywood instead of timber. If you are still confused between the two, here are the 3 most important factors that will convince you to choose plywood.

Environmental Factor

To ignore the fact that our environment is not in a crisis because of the wide deforestation will be insensitivity and a lie indeed. The ecological balance is disrupted due to the deforestation that is taking place world wide. Choosing timber for your furniture or home will simply aggravate the situation. However, choosing Austin Plywood will ensure you that the environment has not been harmed and the balance is maintained.

Stronger than Timber

Even though many of us believe that timber is stronger than plywood, but the fact is actually the opposite. Timber is stronger along the grain, but when it comes to plywood, the strength is equal in both the direction making it a better choice than timber. Also with plywood the length is always uniform and often furniture can be crafted without any requirement to join one plywood with the other. A table can be made from a single plywood, whereas in timber, finding a single slab of wood to fit your requirement might be difficult and a costly affair.

Versatile, Efficient & Beautiful

Plywood can be used to construct a great variety of products, starting from beds, chairs and doors to the interior design of a room. The versatility is an important factor of plywood. Along with this versatility, a plywood can be moulded into beautiful structures without putting as much effort as you put on a timber. Another important factor is, to manufacture a plywood, maximum of the raw material is used and hence the waste is very minimal, making it a very efficient option.

Even though, we have discussed the three important points to choose plywood instead of wood, we would like to add another factor which is very important and very obvious. Yes the cost factor. Plywood can reduce your expense to nearly half than that of timber, yet assure you of strength, versatility and efficiency without harming the environment- do you need anymore reason to choose plywood over wood?