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Teak Plywood - Best Plywood For Furniture

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Teakwood is one of the most aesthetic timbers used for making furniture and it is also acclaimed for its incredible durability and water resistance. It has agrain pattern coupled with a rich golden-brown colour.

At Austin, we firmly believe that home is a place that should not look or feel incomplete. If you have already adorned your sweet home with the finest of interior and exterior furniture, and still, however, end up missing the aesthetic touch that can make your house unparalleled, then Austin’s teak plywood is something that you must try out. Its exceptional and timeless appeal has an elegance of its own.

Our exotic teak collection is undoubtedly the best plywood for furniture and has been the first choice of Indian society. Whether it’s giving an elite look to the living room or giving that aesthetic touch to a luxury hotel lobby, teakwood has always been a treat to the eyes.

We offer One side teak grade OST (One Side Teak Plywood) with large groups and multiple grain design in both vertical and horizontal layouts to suit your need and requirement.

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State-of-the-art ideas for home and commercial purposes; engineered to deliver the perfect amalgamation of design, durability and performance

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Austin Teak Plywood - Best plywood for furniture in India

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At Austin Plywood, our foundation is based on one major objective that is to transform a house or apartment into a high-end abode. With innovation, technology and customer satisfaction at our core, we strive to create the best plywood for furniture that are made to fit the evolving needs of customers. The exceptional and timeless appeal of our products is the epitome of what you've always dreamt of.