About Austin's Shuttering Plywood:

Film-face densified shuttering plywood is a term quite commonly used in high-end construction projects.

We use the term 'densified' owing to the 1+1+9+1+1 construction pattern. It implies that 9 layers of core veneers are pressed together with a high-pressure pressing machine at high temperatures. The extra compression enhances the load-bearing capacity and the nail and screw holding properties of the plywood.

Shuttering plywood is primarily used for cement formwork during construction. The concrete mixture is poured over the plywood base in a wet state to give it the shape desired by the architect.

Specially manufactured for concrete shuttering and frameworks, Austin Shuttering Plywood are heavy-weight, suitable for any weather conditions, water and corrosion proof, making it a perfect choice for construction sites.

Our shuttering plywood is ideal for construction frameworks where strength and security are paramount. They are widely used to construct bridges, flyovers, metro projects, shipbuilding, water tanks, cooling towers, truck and bus bodies, mezzanine floors, and high-rise buildings. They are also best suited for creating a base for drains, ceilings, pillars, partitions, flooring, highways, slabs, beams, silos, columns, etc.

Austin's Shuttering Plywood meets the specifications outlined by IS 4990, IGBC, and FSC.

Technical Specification - Physical Property

State-of-the-art ideas for home and commercial purposes; engineered to deliver the perfect amalgamation of design, durability and performance

  • Climate Resistant & Durable

  • 20 times repeatation

  • Extra densified Film Face Shuttering Plywood

  • Vibration Resistant


A promise from Austin Plywood:

Following established industry norms, we procure our raw materials from reputable vendors.

Plywood manufactured by Austin plywood features exceptional craftsmanship to prevent splits within the core.

Our furniture solutions are ideal for your office and residential spaces. They are crafted with functionality, endurance, and aesthetics in mind.