About Austin Plywood

Austin Plywoods are the best alternatives for wood in terms of environment, durability and affordability. Often the backbone for homes, offices and any building, Austin Plywood offers an array of products to offer unmatched strength and oodles of styles to complement modern/urban livelihood.

Key Features / USPs

State-of-the-art ideas for home and commercial purposes; engineered to deliver the perfect amalgamation of design, durability and performance

  • USP: Superior Strength

  • 20 year warranty Borer and termite proof


Platinum Plus

(Lloyds Approved British Standard BS 1088)

Austin Platinum Plus go through quadruple pressing to ensure uniform distribution of moisture and adhesive to create plywood that is strong, durable and free from warping, twisting and cupping. The plywood is double calibrated for uniform thickness and goes through 2 tier preservative treatments to ensure termite proofing.