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Plywood vs Marble flooring
admin on October 21, 2022

Why is Plywood Flooring better than Marble flooring?

If you’re planning to redo your floors, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices. Perhaps, you want a natural element in your home, considering the wooden floor is the right choice. Considering, most people are flummoxed in picking between marble and plywood, we thought to clear the doubts regarding BWP plywood flooring so you can make a conscious decision.

Once reserved for subfloors, is now considered an affordable choice for residential flooring. As modern homes are all about aesthetics and comfort in living, plywood has been a unanimous choice for many. Some of the differences that make it a superior choice over marble or even tile floors in today’s age are:

Difference in Design

Wooden floors add a sense of warmth and comfort to the home. It makes the room appear larger, especially if the shade is lighter. Unlike marble, with plywood, you can be as creative with shades, as it comes in a wide range of colours. You can even use paint of different shades to create checkerboard design or darker shades in flooring, with Austin Plywood, the sky’s the limit.

Difference in Cost

It is well-known fact, marble flooring is exorbitant. As marble is labour-intensive to cut in shapes and manufacture, the cost of the overall product shoots higher than any plywood flooring. Wooden flooring is a cost-friendly expense.

Difference in Maintenance

Every flooring needs maintenance at some point. So, choosing one which doesn’t require frequent maintenance saves cost and valuable time. To ensure durability in plywood, you must pick either BWP plywood or waterproof plywood. It is glued with quadruple technology.

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Although marble flooring is easy to clean, it deteriorates after a while in shine. While BWP plywood does not succumb to weather changes or water spills, it is easy to keep the shine intact with occasional painting. Austin Plywood protects the flooring from rusting, termite, or borer attack, and microbial germination.

The difference in Floor Installation

To install wooden flooring foaming is done, to muffle the creaking sound of wood while walking. You can install wooden flooring over any type of floor, including tiles. While, if you want to redo the flooring with marble you have to remove the existing floor and then install it over sand.

Plywood Flooring vs Marble flooring - Austin ply

Difference in Flexibility

You can do anything with plywood on the floor, as it is highly flexible. From dipping in coloured paints to cutting in a square shape instead of installing as planks, plywood allows the homeowner to reflect their sense of style through the flooring.

The difference in ease of installation

Plywood is much easier to install any day in comparison to marble flooring. Marble is heavy and needs the right cut to fit each piece properly. It is a labour-intensive process and can take months to complete.

While, for plywood, you can install it with the help of nails and screws. It can be done within a few days, and if you are well-equipped with hardware work, then you can also take on a D-I-Y flooring project.

How To Choose Plywood From Austin For Flooring?

Plywood is available in varied grades that make it suitable for different applications. To start or finish a flooring project, the right choice of flooring helps one to get maximum advantages. For the bedroom or living room, MR-grade plywood is the right choice, while for the kitchen or balcony, waterproof plywood such as BWR or BWP plywood is a better choice, as it can resist damage from water in water-prone areas of the house.


Austin Plywood is one of the leading plywood manufacturers in India, our products assure quality in-home upgradation through the flooring, doors, or furniture. To buy the best BWR or BWP plywood in Kolkata online, contact us at sales@austinplywood.com

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