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Austin Defender Fire Retardant Plywood, Best Plywood in India
admin on November 25, 2022

Why Fire Retardant Plywood Is The Need Of The Hour

According to reports from NCRB, every day 35 Indians die in a fire accident, in which residential fire accident is the leading cause for that. From financial loss to loss of property and lives, people suffer a lot during an accident. Fire accidents never knock before happening which is why it is important to take measures for fire prevention. Right choices make big difference, and one of the choices that help in preventing future losses in a residential fire accident is the choice of fire retardant plywood.

Are you designing or renovating a property, and want to view it through the lens of fire safety to enhance the safety proportion of the property? If yes, then check Austin Defender as it presents the most valuable option for you.

Austin Defender Fire Retardant Plywood, Best Plywood in India

What is Fire Retardant Plywood?

Wood is not inherently resistant to fire, which makes it prey to fire accidents. Infused with chemicals, Austin Defender fire retardant plywood delays flame penetration for more than 50 minutes.

Unlike normal plywood, it won’t burn easily and won’t conduct heat in the event of a fire. Due to its inability to burn easily, it stops the spread of the flame instead of succumbing to it.

Benefits of Fire-Retardant Austin Plywood

Delay Inflammability

An unfortunate event like a fire accident does not give warning before happening, but the aftereffects are remorseful, which can lead to extreme trauma and loss. Plywood is just like wood, which can catch fire easily. But, with fire-retardant plywood of Austin, you get seasoned hardwood that is chemically treated with vacuum technology. Along with chemicals, these plywood have high-quality resin that doesn’t allow the flame to penetrate and allows the spreading of fire only on the surface. This help in keeping a check on the spared, hence giving ample time to evacuate your dear ones.

Gives Ample Time for Evacuation

Fire can bring down a structure into a pile of ash within hours. This sometimes doesn’t even give ample time to escape or evacuate your loved ones. To solve this problem, Austin has manufactured plywood that can resist flame penetration for up to 50 minutes. Which is the highest compared to other plywood in the market.

Moreover, it does not produce toxic fumes or black smoke, which hinders the evacuation process. The added minutes are just like the silver lining in a hazardous incident such as a fire accident.

Waterproof Plywood

Fire-retardant is not only to protect the home during a fire accident but also helpful in making the plywood resistant to weather changes or water damage. The plies are attached with the help of synthetic resin that makes them ideal for offices or restaurants.

It is also useful in the fabrication of doors, and windows, as it retains its size and shape even during weather changes.

Low Smoke Generation

When wood is burnt, it produces a heavy amount of toxic fumes and harmful gases which causes suffocation in the fire accident. The fumes can cause asphyxiation among people who are trapped inside. This is why, fire retardant plywood is manufactured in a way that does not allow the production of smoke during burning, or has low smoke generation.

It makes evacuation easier in dire situations and can save people or animals from getting trapped in heavy smoke.


The benefits of fire-retardant plywood are not just statements, but facts that come with a valid certification. Austin Defender is the result of genius technology which is implemented following IS and BS standards. It is the only brand to be approved by BS1088 Llyods from London.

So, before any mishap happens, get your home fire protected with Austin Defender fire-retardant plywood.

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