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Which Type Of Plywood Is Best For Which Purpose?
admin on January 29, 2022

Which Type Of Plywood Is Best For Which Purpose?

Take a minute and count how many wooden items you possess have plywood in them? We know it would be more than 2. Plywood is ubiquitous material at home. It is used for making cabinets, doors, beds, sofas, floors and the list goes on. Due to its wide range of advantages, many homeowners are shifting to plywood furniture from solid wooden ones.

A sheet of ply is made by pressing odd numbers of thin wooden layers into one. The number of layers specifies the thickness of ply that governs its use and application. If you are curious to know which type of plywood is best for which purpose then read on!


Moisture Resistant/ Boiling Water Resistant/ Boiling Water Plywood


Moisture-Resistant plywood is also known as commercial plywood, which is extensively used for interior purposes. Other types of plywood are boiling-water resistant and boiling water plywood which is also good for moisture-resistant. These plywood are commonly used for kitchen cabinets, doors, and cupboards.


Blockboard is a thick strip of plywood that has 19-25mm of thickness. These plywood have good quality veneers which mostly consist of solid wood blocks.

Thin sheets of plywood tend to sag when used in tall cupboards or wall separators. To prevent this blockboard is applied to such units.


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 Marine Ply

Marine ply is often associated with moisture-resistant plywood or BWR plywood, although there are very few similarities. The marine ply has superior quality and it is waterproof up to some extent. This is why it is mostly used in industries and buildings where there is high exposure to water. So, we recommend this ply for outside benches or cupboards rather than inside furniture purposes.


Floorboards are generally available between 12-25mm in thickness. The plywood of 18mm thickness is commonly used as floor beds in homes and offices.

A floorboard of 15mm thickness is used for wall paneling and roofing. These help in enhancing the aesthetic features of the home.

Plywood of more than 19mm thickness helps in the fabrication of sofas, divans, and beds. These plywood are tightly sealed to eliminate the noise caused when heavy pressure is applied on the boards.

In flat boards, 25mm is the thickest which is mostly used for making staircases. Staircases are constructed in a way to handle high pressure. To ensure the safety of the staircase these are made by sticking two thick plywood into one for greater bearing strength.


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Thickness Of Plywood Grade

Ply means layer, so the thickness of the plywood sheet is determined by the layers of wood. More layers create a thicker and stronger board. Austin Plywood has three different types of plywood.


3-Ply: 3-ply means three layers of about 2-3mm thick.

5-Ply: This has 4mm thickness and is great for indoor and outdoor use.

Multi-ply: It has more than 7 layers that are used for a strong permanent structure.


When renovating your home with a wooden finish, we recommend you always pick a wholesale plywood supplier. You don’t buy it every year, so choose the one that carters to your requirements. Always pick plywood from well-known brands like Austin Plywood.

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