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Terminate The Termite With Austin Plywood - Buy Plywood Online
admin on May 11, 2022

Terminate The Termite With Austin Plywood

We would be not wrong if we say termites are one of the biggest threats to wood over the majority of bugs. These insects will gnaw through a wooden structure to satisfy their appetite. Termites are known for putting million-dollar furniture into the pile of dust.

If you have a history of termite infestation or know about a swarm of termites in the neighborhood, then you must take precautions beforehand. If you have been planning to handcraft wooden furniture to reinvigorate the décor, then buy plywood online.

Apart from being, cost-efficient, lightweight, and easy to fabricate, these sheets come with termite protection. Austin Plywood helps you in going termite-proof, with the premium range of plywood.

Austin’s platinum-plus, Austin Club Plus, Austin Marine Gold Plywood, Austin Flexi Plywood, and Lincoln MR Plywood, all go through 2-tier preservative treatment to ensure termite proofing.

Today, termite-resistant furniture is in the rage for refurbishing the interiors. Termite-resistant plywood from Austin Plywood deals with termite issues once and for all. Buy premium plywood online that prevents termite infestation, so you don’t have to invest time, energy, and money to remove those from the furniture.


The benefit of Termite Resistant Plywood

Durability of furniture

Most of the furniture fall prey to termites and this happens mostly due to either of two reason; first, the wood is not dried well and there is sap inside the wood, another is wood’s inability to fight moisture as termite grows in damp spaces.


Saves Time and cost

Even though these insects are small, they can create havoc in the home if not treated on time. Needless to say, the process of removing termites from already termite-infested furniture is neither easy nor affordable. Identifying their existence is not easy and once the furniture is damaged all effort can go in vain. Therefore, buying plywood online with termite-resistant feature before the fabrication of furniture is much simpler and will help in saving time and money.


Waterproof feature

The termite-proof plywood is processed with premium additives and an extra layer of ply to ensure there is no termite infestation. This gives the plywood additional features such as water-resistant and fire-retardent. While you buy plywood online, remember to check whether or not it is waterproof.


Controls moisture

A termite-proof plywood block seals the penetration of moisture into the wood. This helps in retaining its quality and making the veneer weather resistant. While manufacturing plywood at Austin Plywood the wooden chips are treated in a manner with vacuum pressuring that prohibits the entry of moisture between the veneer.

For extra care and protection, you can install a dehumidifier in the home to reduce moisture and vapor within your house.


High Strength

Plywood that is treated specifically for a termite is much stronger than other plywood. Termite-resistant plywood has minimal gaps as the premium resin is used between each veneer layer. It does not chip off or warp easily and ensures stability for application in high cabinets.



Wooden furniture is belongings that have memories and values. A single termite attack can ruin your valuable possession. To ensure you don’t have to go through such a disheartening experience it’s better to switch to termite-proof plywood while you have time.

Austin Plywood is here for you on this journey. Buy plywood online for home, check out the plywood range here https://www.austinplywood.com/product-category/plywood/

If you have any queries regarding plywood contact our experts at [email protected] or call at 8100336666/9831479000.