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Renovate your Home with the Austin's BWP Plywood
admin on April 14, 2022

Renovate Your Home With The Austin’s BWP Plywood

A sleek and modern aesthetic can be created from any material like glass or metal, but these have downsides. Glass is brittle and difficult to upkeep while metal is sturdy but seems cold.

Whereas, plywood brings a sense of warmth and adds an essence of nature to your home. Lately, BWP plywood has become the primary choice of homeowners, The reputation of durability and versatility is the reason behind its popularity.

Plywood is available in many grades, like BWP, MR, BWR, and Marine ply. Out of all, today we will dive deeper into the benefits and application of Austin’s BWP plywood.


The Benefit Of BWP Plywood

Highly Resistant To Boiling Water

BWP is the acronym for Boiling Water Proof plywood, this plywood would not deteriorate in quality or deform even when boiled in water for 7 whistles in a pressure cooker. This ensures its endurance to wear and tear making it the right material for maneuvering furniture like kitchen cabinets which are mostly in contact with boiling water.

Flexible And Sturdy

This plywood is flexible without compromising its strength. This makes it a perfect fit for flooring and tables where there is a requirement for flexible plywood for the finest craftsmanship.

Termite Resistant

One of the qualities of BWP plywood is immune to insects like termites and borers. This ensures the longevity of the plywood. Moreover, plywood shows excellent resistance to moisture, humidity, and water that detests the mushrooming of microbes, making it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


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Applications Of BWP Plywood

Use In Kitchen

Modular kitchen has become the trend in every kitchen. The cabinets make the kitchen functional and aesthetically pleasing. The kitchen is the space that mostly deals with boiling water, so to avoid any damage from boiling water to the cabinets it is better to use BWP grade plywood.

Use In Bathroom

The space which is mostly in contact with water is your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets, bathroom bathtub caddy, washbasin cabinets, and bathroom doors, for making any of this BWR plywood is the one you must pick.

Usage In Rooftops

BWP plywood is completely waterproof, which makes it resistant to knee-deep waterlogging too. Using BWP plywood for the rooftop ensures the roof is damage-free even during heavy rainfall.

Other indoor, semi-outdoor, and outdoor applications of BWP plywood are:


  • Building of structures for a marine environment like boats, ferries, and even ships.
  • Utility components, wardrobes, lofts, and high units have a chance of steam and water.
  • Outdoor lawn chairs, outdoor swings, and patio benches.
  • Storage units on balconies or terraces.



Refurbishing the home with BWP plywood ensures longevity and durability in the furniture. Plywood is currently known as the alternative to solid wood. BWP grade ensures no scope of error while picking wooden furniture for humidity in surrounding spaces.

Austin plywood adheres to Indian and international standards while manufacturing plywood. Experience the quality and cost-effective prices with a range of our products. To get in touch with our experts call 9831479000 today.

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