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Plywood Furniture Designs That Give A Stylish Upgrade
admin on October 25, 2022

Plywood Furniture Designs That Give A Stylish Upgrade

The pandemic has given newfound importance to how we style and design homes. As a lot of homeowners are hiring interior designers, money spent on the redesign must be money spent well. The best plywood for furniture has been the primary choice for sprucing up the space, from creating cozy living rooms to luxury guest rooms, it offers versatility in design.

Plywood is an engineered material made from thin layers of wood that are glued together. Some of the furniture that can create an effervescent design from plywood for the home are:

1. Folding Dressing Area

The walk-in closet is what we all love in the bedroom, but if you want to jazz up the bedroom with some secrecy like traditional homes, then add a folding dressing area. It will be a designated area for dressing and adding style to the room. Made of BWR plywood from Austin, these are easy to fold and move to any corner of the home. You can add this to the guest room too, it will give some privacy, and add a sophisticated look to the home.

2. Sinuous Bookshelves

Want to add curves in a straight wall, then there is nothing more interesting and classic than a sinuous bookshelf. Contrary to old bookshelves, today you dedicate a wall to showcase your collection and knowledge proudly. To keep your books safe from bookworms, make sure the plywood you choose for furniture is insect-resistant. You can take your bookshelf showcasing one more step ahead by using the wall mounting into the wall, which gives a seamless look to the room.

3. Vogue Coffee Table

Have you seen any furniture that cohesively binds your home? That is the coffee table. From a low to a high self-standing coffee table, it can create magic inside the home. The coffee table arguably gives character to the living room, it helps in holding the personal belongings of the owner and table accents, reflecting the personalities. Our BWP plywood which is boiling water proof is the best plywood for furniture, as it protects the table even during hot coffee spills. You can check out trendy coffee table designs of 2022, to pick a design that suits your home’s décor.

4. Plant Shelf

If you consult with any professional designer you will get to know plants help in bringing a pop of colour to the home along with lending air to the interiors. Place it around the couch or create a designated space for it on the balcony, and you will get your nature-friendly space.

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5. Walls and Panels

Anyone entering your space will notice walls and panels in the very beginning. A mismatch of colours or too bold colours can be off-putting, so, instead of paints, go for wooden paneling on walls. It gives an earthy tone that accentuates the design elements of the house. You can check Austin Plywood’s catalogue by mailing us at sales@austinplywood.com to get visual inspiration to refurbish your home.

6. Statement Furniture

Furniture is the center of attraction in any home. Utilize this and fabricate modern design with help of Austin’s veneers. Be it the table, sofa, chair, or ottoman stool, anything gives a sense of structure in the home. If kept around walls with a darker shade, it gives a sense of depth inside the living room.


A well-crafted design with veneers livens the room and adds charm to interior decor. Austin Plywood conducts stringent testing and uses Meghalayan Pinewoods, or Gurjan timber to manufacture the best plywood for furniture that gives strength and durability for versatility in work.

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