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Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Plywood | Plywood Store - Austin Ply
admin on November 28, 2022

Make Your Home Germ Resistant With Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral Plywood

A home is a place that distinguishes itself as a place of security and safety. It is vital to meet the house’s safety parameters.

But why is that?

During the period of the pandemic, everyone became aware of the power of microorganisms and how they are everywhere. This created concern regarding living bacteria or viruses in our surroundings. So, how much are we safe in our interiors?

The interiors are as much unsafe as outdoors, but with the use of germ-resistant plywood, one can make the interiors safer. With the advancement of technology, manufacturers of plywood have tried to make plywood resistant to microbes, viruses, fungi, and bacteria too. It can resist the germination of microbes and prohibits the diseases which are spread due to microbes.

Austin Plywood’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral plywood fits the mold of making your home secure. It makes the interior free of germs and safeguards us from various allergies, infections, and other illnesses.

So, how does Austin Plywood keep your homes safe from viruses and bacteria?

Austin launched anti-viral plywood in 2020, as a step to the growing concern about the virus in the home. From children to the ill patient, we understood the need for germ-free homes to ensure people inside the home are not scared as they are outside germs.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-Viral Plywood - Plywood Store, Austin Ply

Here are a few benefits of Austin Plywood that make it the right choice for homes.

  • Ability to kill 99% of germs
  • The plywood is versatile enough to be used in a range of applications
  • Makes the furniture germ-repellent that kills the lurking growth of microorganisms that cause unwanted allergies and infections.

Plywood is chemically treated to prevent virus growth the moment they settle on it. By rupturing the outer membrane of bacteria, viruses, or fungi, the technology kills them. As a result of the virus and bacteria-resistant technology, plywood is resistant to termites, warping, and rot. This technology also adds structural strength, which increases its longevity.


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Innovative application of germ-resistant plywood

Bookshelves for living room

Books are the gateway to knowledge, which adds sophistication to the space. Consider a space filled with color-coordinated bookshelves, along with old books which are passed down through generations. Considering the number of people who touch books within a family, it becomes essential to protect the bookshelf with anti-germ technology.

Armchairs with coffee table

We spend most of our day time sitting on the sofa or in armchairs sipping coffee, but we don’t notice the germs that come from outside also settle on these places. The best way to avoid the attack of germs on your body is by using germ-resistant plywood for this application.

Sleek bedside table

In the bedroom, the side table is not only the place to keep phones, chargers, or laptops, but it also adds elegance as it makes the bedroom more aesthetic. The bedside table helps in keeping the bedroom tidy. But, a bedside table is a piece of furniture that you touch constantly, as you keep your charger, phone, or books, hence, it is necessary to use germ-resistant plywood for the manufacturing bedside table.


One of the most creative ways of protecting your home from dreadful microorganisms is by incorporating them into furniture. This help makes cabinets, office desks, conference tables, drawers, and even washroom cabinets. The application of germ-resistant plywood makes the interiors hygienic and safe from microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye.

So, if you are planning to build new furniture or renovate the existing one, we recommend you check the product range of Austin plywood, so you get the best quality plywood from all plywood stores across India.

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