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Luxurious Modular Kitchen | best Plywood Brand - Austin Plywood
admin on October 31, 2022

Give A Luxury Upgrade To Modular Kitchen With Plywood

Be it brewing thoughts over coffee, or just enjoying a hearty meal, a kitchen plays a crucial part in day-to-day living. Styling or upgrading the kitchen interiors makes the space comfortable and aesthetic. To upgrade, you must begin by selecting the best plywood for a modular kitchen from, Austin Plywood.

In the growing trend of modular kitchens, one thing you must make sure of is the design is functional and comprehensive. Designers must play with colour, texture, shape, and pattern to create a visually appealing modular kitchen. A modular kitchen comes with ample customization opportunities, so every corner can serve a purpose in design.

Utilization of plywood gives flexibility in modulation, you can play with the colours, or shapes as per the requirement. Although technique and finesse in design are essential to have a luxurious modular kitchen, with a few design tips you can get started with the modular kitchen design.

Modular Kitechen | Best Plywood Brands in India - Austin Ply

Ideal Height Of Countertop

Be it chopping or cooking, the countertop is the space that most of us spend time around while in the kitchen. The length of the counter from the ground should not cross over your waist, if it is too high, you won’t feel comfortable in the kitchen, while too low will make you bend a lot and impractical to cook.

The height of the countertop should be between 32-34 inches from the ground. Another consideration is that the countertop should not hinder your access to the top cabinets.

Utilize the Corners

A modular kitchen utilizes all the space in a small kitchen room by utilizing every nook and corner. If you think corners are of no use, then think again. You can use the corner in the kitchen to implement a blind cabinet design. It would make the space seamless along with other cabinets in the space.

Undersink Cabinets

Be it scrap or kitchen tools, leaving it in the open cause damage to the tools, and doesn’t look good, so the kitchen under sink cabinet conceals all unwanted material in the kitchen and keeps it safe inside the cabinet.

You can also make trash boxes in under sink space, it saves time in the kitchen to throw out the trash. The modular kitchen under-sink cabinet is made from Austin Club Plus plywood in accordance with IS710 requirements.

Open Base Cabinets

Open base cabinets are useful for storing kitchen appliances or large kitchen utensils. It makes it easier to store and use, as per requirement. As these shelves have no door, it is quite easy to access and makes your kitchen look broader. Moreover, these spaces are easy to clean, and yes you can display the collection of your favourite cookbooks or keep kitchen towels for easy access.

Pull Down Spice Cabinet

As Indians, we love spices, from cumin to cardamom, the choice is variant and each spice adds a different flavour. While designing a modular kitchen gives a designated space to the spice mix in your kitchen. The pulldown spice cabinet gives a clear view of all the spice collection stored in a small space, allowing the chef or the cook to be experimental during cooking.


The kitchen is all about being organized in a small cooking space. The cabinets add elegance and luxury to a modular kitchen. The plywood for the modular kitchen consists of BWR, BWP plywood, and fire-retardant plywood, which makes the space protected from termites, fire, and water damage. At Austin Plywood, we manufacture plywood using automated technology which makes the plywood durable and resistant to damage.

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