About Austin's Block Board

A blockboard is constructed of uniform blocks of softwood stacked in columns end to end. The thin plywood sheets are bonded between two thick veneers of hardwood, particleboard, or MDF and pressed under extreme heat and pressure.

Softwood strips enhance the board's ability to hold nails and screws compared to its counterparts. In addition, loose grains are not easily removed when drilled.

The presence of softwood in a blockboard's core prevents splintering or splitting when the plank is cut, despite its lighter weight than plywood. The lighter weight of the blackboard also increases the longevity of furniture and doors since the hinges are not subjected to too much strain.

Our blockboards are composed of seasoned 100% Meghalayan Pinewood and bonded with the best PF resin. They are available in two grades based on their moisture resistance: Boiling Waterproof (BWP) blockboards and Moisture Resistant (MR) blockboards.

Block boards are used to construct railway carriages, bus bodies, marine/river crafts, partition boards, prefabricated houses, and wall panels. They are also known for their ability to withstand bending or sagging, making them the perfect fit for building tables, benches, and vertical applications such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, or doors/flush doors.

Technical Specification - Physical Property

State-of-the-art ideas for home and commercial purposes; engineered to deliver the perfect amalgamation of design, durability and performance

  • USP: Superior Strength

  • 20 year warranty Borer and termite proof


A Promise From Austin Plywood

Owing to our in-depth domain experience, we are engaged in providing unparalleled quality plywood. With its impressive performance, durability, and industry-leading price, Austin's plywood has drawn the appreciation and trust of many of its clients. Our qualified professionals use only premium quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology to develop products of the highest standards.

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